Wow what a year…

It all started right after my second daughter was born. I decided to start something, but I had no idea it would take me on the journey that I’m currently on.

I realized I had created a unique system with hair extensions, and had been casually teaching and doing hair as more of a hobby.

I called it hobby back then, not because I didn’t love it or put the time into it, but because – in my industry – there was a perception on what a hair stylist could make, and what my value should be.

So to me, it was nothing more than side hobby. Although I ran my own business as a renter most of my career, I never even considered myself a businesswoman. In hair school they don’t teach you anything about business, and if they do – it’s vague at best. There really should be a second course to hair school called business behind the chair…

I decided to create a brand for myself. At the time I didn’t even know what a brand was. I was a self-proclaimed educator on the hair extension system I invented. “Wow Can I do that?” Technically, I’ve never educated for anyone else.

So I dove all in.

I didn’t even know where to start. My first step was to create an online course. Everything at the time was going crazy with online information, and social media. In the beginning, I shot and edited all of my videos. As I sat there one night critiquing my videos, everything in me was telling me, “this is crap – don’t put it out there.”

It was then that I had kind of a strange out of body experience.

A Voice came to me and said, “You have no idea how many people this will affect. Get over yourself and put this out there.”

I get it, you’re thinking, “Really? Out of body experience? wow this is getting deep.” But I choose to believe.

As years went by, I continued to hold small classes and give it my all. Things were growing, but not as quickly as I wanted them to.

So many times I wanted to quit, but I kept going back to that night when I was editing my videos and what I felt was unexplainable.

If I quit now I’m being selfish, I thought.

So, my stubbornness, drive and obsession with things helped me continue to not let my dream die.

Last year in 2017, one of my goals was to hire a business manager. My husband was helping me and giving me advice on the side, and even helping me with some of my classes.

His Business in the last couple years didn’t just double its income, it more than tripled. 2017 was huge year for both of us.

This was the year I didn’t just hire a business coach, but I looked at my husband who was helping me on the side and running his own business and said “Listen. Either you’re all in, or I’m going to hire somebody who is.”

He said,“Fine. Give me full ownership of your education.”

This was such an ego thing for me. Let go of my baby? How could I do it? We finally came to terms, and I surrendered.

The voice came back once again and said “let it go and it will fly.”

So that’s what I did.

I Became the artist which is what I love doing.

AND, I didn’t look at myself as a hobbyist any longer.

I realize what I had created inside of my own salon could be duplicated, and together my husband I created a program called Big Money Stylist (BMS).

We had classes once a month last year in Laguna Beach, CA., and at the end of the year in December we held our first BMS Convention with over 170 stylists in the room. Talk about about things picking up.

This year in 2018, we will hold anywhere from 2 to 4 BMS Classes a month, plus  2 BMS Conventions with over 300 stylist per event.

We also have a weekly training program that is done virtually with over 200 stylist live each week. This is where we created “the business behind the chair” that is so needed in our industry.

My husband and I have wanted to merge our brands for a while, so we have decided to start a podcast called Date Your Wife.

Another podcast that I will be holding is called the Big Money Stylist Podcast. Each podcast will be done weekly, and shared here on the blog. We will be recording and filming our first stop this week, and should have them uploaded by next week, so stay tuned!

On today’s post I thought it would be fun to share a super old video so you can gain some perspective of where I started, and then a few more recent videos.

If there’s one word of advice I could give you in this post, it’s to stay consistent while searching to grow.

Cheers! Here we come 2018!!