We will be coming out with a NBR Hand Tied Hair Extensions line this year!! I have been using hand tied hair for over 15 years now, and despite other company’s coming with their own versions of hand tied or beaded row methods, NBR was the first to create this trend. This is a project I had been working on for quite some time, and I am determined to create two types of hair.

Blondes are a little tricky… In order to become blonde, the hair need t go through quite the process.

Blondes in every line from every factory in every quality tend not to last as long as others. Brunettes typically get 3 months of extra wear time than blondes. Most women are attracted to cooler tones, and for some reason terrified of warmth.

It’s interesting. When clients sits in my chair, I start the conversation not by asking them what they want to do, but asking them what is not working for them, or what they don’t like.

You see, hair stylists have a “foreign language” that our clients do not understand. So, if you address their Problems, in their launguage, this will better determine the end result that the client is actually looking for. Often times I’ll show the client multiple shades of hair to see what their eye gravitates to.

Now, one of the biggest mistakes in extensions that don’t look natural, is the hair color.

Although the client’s chooses the colors they like, the end goal for both the client and the stylist is NATURAL looking extensions.

So sometimes, as the professional, you have to take in account what the clients is asking for, but trust your eye as the professional.

When choosing hair for each client, I don’t just pick what swatch matches the best, but I anticipate how their natural color will fade out.

For example, if you have a natural medium dark client wanting that cooler icy blonde tone, you bleach and tone right???

However, these clients in my experience always fade out brassy.

So if you place cooler extensions in the hair, guess what happens… Their hair fades out,  and although the extensions will fade out, some will not fade as much as the natural hair.

And then, you end up with a mismatch in color, which is a dead giveaway that you are wearing extensions.

My goal, as should be yours, is that when the clients comes back in – even if it is a little brassy, it still looks like hair, and not hair extensions.

Most hair that is not naturally blonde once colored will fade out with warm undertones. In creating my new NBR Hand Tied Hair Extensions hair line, my goal is to mix warm and cool tones.

This is actually one of my favorite things to do. This gives the clients the illusion of color tones, without having to completely compromise the integrity of the real hair by just your basic bleach and tone.

Now, in a Before and After photo it’s hard to determine how many tones were actually used. Often times we will use up to 5 different color formulas on a blonde. The color starts in the chair, but usually half the color we use is applied at the shampoo Bowl.

Here is one of Val’s transformation of the week in our Monday Mane spotlight of the week.

Color tips for the stylists:

Babylights with Lightener 20
Base 6.1 5.1 20 vol
Lowlight 7.13 and 8.3 9vol
Smudge 6.13 and 7n

18.22 and R8a. Bl22. 8a

Toned half of the extension hair with 9v splash 9n SEQ

Two rows and a mini (client has fluffy hair)

I’m so pumped with what’s in store. Natural Looking Hand Tied Hair equals Natural Looking Hair Extensions with an even better experience for the client.

Myself and everyone apart of my team wears NBR, so we can both experience NBR and help educate and relate to the client.

I will keep you guys posted when the NBR Hand Tied Hair Extensions Hair Line is ready…

Below is a few of my Before and Afters of the week. I am currently only behind the chair two days a week, so if you’re interested in scheduling an appointment with myself or member of my team click here while there’s still openings in our calendars.

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Happy Monday,