Today’s blog post is all about Married Life Date Nights.

This concept actually re-sparked our marriage, or you could even say saved.

It’s actually the reason of our new Podcast Date Your Wife.

Garrett and I have always had pretty good communication. But without time together, and specifically date nights, it’s easy to fall into a bad pattern inside the married life.

I got married young, and even had kids young. We went out all the time before we had kids, but for some reason as soon as we had kids, we started to dedicate most of our time to work and the kids. Garrett work more, so I did kids. If you put kids and work first, it’s easy to see where this can lead your relationship. We were the young successful couple with one kid, and another one on the way. Until we lost it all…

This put perspective on our relationship real quick.

For the next chapter of our marriage, we took a good look at where we were at and decided to commit at least one date night a week despite having zero money and two kids. I figured if we can commit to one day a week, it might be possible to put things back together…

Over time, things got better… (for more of our story, tune-in to our Date Your Wife Podcast weekly).

In the past, whenever we would have date nights it was usually for a party, or going out with friends and never one-on-one.

I even remember if we did go out one-on-one, things actually seemed a little bit awkward. Or very surfaced, or we fought all the time.

But we stayed committed, and now things are actually in a pretty good place. We currently go out at least 1-2 date nights a week, and we also work together.

We very rarely go out with other couples, and genuinely look forward to just spending one-on-one time together now. We usually just go to dinner and talk, and we both love movies so occasionally we go to a good movie. This last weekend I actually surprised my husband for Christmas with an overnight date.

What do you get the guy who has everything he wants?

An experience. My friend and client of mine suggested that I try the Porsche driving experience in LA.

I personally didn’t think it would be my cup of tea, but I knew Garrett would love it.

I decided it would be fun to make it a weekend experience, and with it of course a little bit of shopping in it for me ha ha.

So I flew my parents in town so they could watch the kiddos, while I surprised him with a date weekend.

The driving experience I thought would just be racing around a track real fast, but it’s actually seven different driving experiences.

Anything from doing donuts in a slippery surface, racing around a track with cones, and something they called gunshot. (Which was so scary)

I literally was the only girl on the race track, and as I looked out at all the different courses and saw a bunch of grown men driving cars I thought what a bunch of kids ha ha.

I ended up getting a little carsick, and had to cut my driving experience short. I don’t do well on Spinney things or amusement parks.

My husband however loved it. You actually race with an official driver who helps teach you techniques. After the race track, we headed down to Beverly Hills where we  booked a room at the Beverly Hills Wilshire. We had dinner at a restaurant called Katana in West Hollywood, and then headed  to a hotel for drinks called Château Marmont. Which is an old Hollywood feel trendy hotel.

The next day we slept in top of the morning with a couples massage, and then off to Rodeo Drive for a little shopping.

Talk about Dreamlife, right? ha ha…

Every now and again it’s fun to spice it up, even if it’s just a little overnight stay somewhere.

That’s one of the things I love about living in California – There’s so many fun things to experience.

I’ll try to post more date night ideas, but honestly we’re so boring. We love just trying new restaurants in Orange County where we live, and just hanging out and talking together.

For this weeks Date Your Wife Podcast, you can check it on iTunes HERE, or I’ll be posting a recap on the blog tomorrow! (Watch the Previous 2 Episodes HERE!)

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Cheers to Date Nights!