New Year, New Level!!

Just a little over 2 years ago I opened my first DKW Styling Salon. I never actually wanted to be a salon owner, however I’ve always been passionate about teaching. I created a solution for hair extensions that not only worked for my hair, it gave many other hair stylist the opportunity to make great income behind the chair and provide a safer more natural looking to hair extensions method to their clients.

After educating for the last five years, I realize the next step in the game was to become a salon owner. I currently own a small space in Laguna Beach California right off of Pacific Coast Highway. This year we will be expanding the salon to a larger space.

We are a color and NBR Hair Extensions exclusive Salon only.

Sometimes, when momentum picks up, you just have to keep following the direction it’s going.

My goal this year is to have a hand tied hairline to support the NBR Hair Extensions System.

By 2019, my goal is to franchise the DKW Styling Salon, and education systems we have built, but as of right now we are the only salon educating on this system.

So if your interested in learning CLICK Here to Become a Certified NBR Hair Extensions Specialist.

In our classes we don’t just educate on the NBR Hair Extensions System, but also the business side of things. Now, this doesn’t just mean teaching you how to take a before and after photo and putting it on Instagram. We go deep into business, branding, marketing, systems and proven processes.

And remember, just because you have another certification under your belt does not necessarily equal more profitability or better results.

I am currently behind the chair only two days a week. Each member of my team has been personally trained with me, and assisted me.

Our goal is 100% client communication and customer service. When people step into the salon, we’re all about the positive vibes. I remember my first set of hair extensions walking out of the salon, and feeling amazing and more confident. I think this is one of the reasons I can’t completely step away from working behind the chair. I get a high off of seeing the impact just a little extra hair can make for other women.

If you’re interested in finding out a little bit more about NBR, book your consultation today with myself or member of my team by clicking HERE!

You don’t want to miss tomorrows post when we share our first episode of my new podcast with my husband called Date Your Wife. It will be available on iTunes, but I’ll post a recap and link here on the blog.

Have a fabulous Monday and I’ll see you all tomorrow!!