NBR Knock-off Versions!?

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The images inside this post are NOT NBR™ knock-offs, they are our own.
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Today, I’m going to clear up a few things of confusion with NBR™ in the marketplace, specifically knock-off versions of NBR™. But before I do, I want to share a little bit of my story, so you can better see where I’m coming from.

People always ask me, “How did you create Natural Beaded Rows™?”

It all started when I realized I would never be able to have long or full hair. You see, I have that sad fine hair that breaks off easily, and when I try to grow it out I look like I have an awesome mullet. My sides are definitely my problem area, so as soon as I got into hair school I wanted to find out more about hair extensions.

I knew nothing about hair extensions and just figured all extensions were created equal. Wow was I wrong. My first set of extensions was actually while in college and was a horrible experience. (Glue-in individuals) But this led me to start researching what was available. I knew I hated a million little things attached to my hair, so I wanted an alternate solution.

A friend of mine had tracks placed with beads, so I decided to try these. They were placed with a bricklayer technique, which is similar placement as standard tape-ins. The beads were sooo tiny, and could not hold the weight of the hair… They kept slipping out, or would completely come out with my hair attached. Sooo I kept looking.

Next, I went to Braided tracks. This was the first time I was introduced to hand tied hair. Those that are confused what this is, it is a weft of hair that is a third of the size of standard machine tied hair. It’s much more lightweight.

What I liked about this hair is you could stack multiple pieces on each row without it feeling heavy or bulky as machine tied. It gave you more hair, with less bulk – and instead of a bricklayer technique, they were rounded on the hair. White girl hair is slippery so they would add a piece of synthetic hair to hold the braid in place and hold the hair. I had 3 huge lumpy rows in the back of my head, but still no hair on the sides. So that didn’t work.

One day I was at Nordstrom standing in line to check-out, and the girl in front of me had the worst extensions I had ever seen… You could literally see every individual extension, but one thing I did notice is that instead of having them glued in the hair, they were put in with beads which I had never seen individuals done with beads.

The beads were similar to my first tracks, except they were larger beads. My wheels started turning I thought “I wonder if I used those beads if it would support the weight of a track better, and then I can use hand tied hair and change the shape of the placement…”

Within about three seconds I started talking to her and convinced her to come sit in my chair, haha. She brought her beads, and that was my first official NBR™ client. (well this was before I realized I had created something new.)

It’s not like it was a home run right out of the gate. I almost gave up on my own method as I didn’t even realize what I had begun creating.

This was about the time tape-in came out, so I started adding tape-ins on the sides, and rows in the back. I also learned 3 other glue or “protein” individual bonds. I just considered my self a jack of all trades where I guess I was an extension specialist and offered anything the client said they wanted.

After trying everything in my own hair, I decided I could only offer my clients what I liked. I can’t sell something I don’t personally believe in. I had a hard time hiding any kind of individual or tape-in on the sides, and I finally decided I needed to go back to the rows and played around with placement and weight distribution in the hair.

After a decade of trial and error, I felt like I had come up with a system that was pretty solid. This led me to the birth of my brand, and my Hair Extension Method Natural Beaded Rows™.

The last 7 years I have been educating on the system, and through educating have been able to break down exactly how and why it works.  It’s one thing to do hair, and it’s a whole new ballgame to educate. I got a lot better my craft by educating because I understood why what I was doing worked.

So there you have it. I didn’t even realize I had created something until I realized there was nothing else like it in the marketplace.

Now, there are lots of copycats out there, which brings me to a clarification that I want to address in this post.

So here are the facts of a salon you may or may not know.

Habit Salon in Gilbert, AZ.

We moved to Arizona for 2 years before we moved to California. This is where Chrissy Rasmussen reached out to me to learn Natural Beaded Rows™.

I taught her NBR™ and when I moved to California, I gave her my entire book of NBR™ Clients.

For the next 2 years, she traveled off to Laguna to have me do her NBR™. We even went to a couple hair classes together. Then, Habit began to pick up momentum on social media – and next thing you know Habit Salon launched ‘Habit Hand Tied’.

She began referencing NBR™ as ‘Habit Hand Tied’, and teaching NBR™ as ‘Habit Hand Tied’.

Was it the hair, or the system? Either way, she was teaching NBR™ AND advertising it as habit hand tied.

People may assume we are in collaboration.

We are not in collaboration, and currently in a lawsuit with Habit.

So those are the facts.

I’m at a point in my business where business is business, and I have to protect what I have built – and in so doing, support the stylists that actually invest in NBR™, and the vision of where we are going.

See, this is no longer just about me and my brand.

It’s literally about the thousands of women who the NBR™ Method will impact, both as stylists and clients.

So to protect the reputation of the NBR™ Brand, the Certified NBR™ Stylists, as well as ALL of our current & future clients, I will fight off every knock-off that pop-up.

Danielle K. White
Creator of the Natural Beaded Rows™ Method,
Founder of Big Money Stylist & DKW Styling.

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