If you follow me on IG (@val.dkwstyling) I’m sure you’ve noticed my love for hats. I wish I could say I am some sort of fashionista and could guide you on the “IT” hat of the season, but the truth is, I’m just all about that low maintenance life.

Wearing a hat gives me one more day without washing my hair, and usually I don’t even do anything to my hair if I’m wearing one, except maybe spraying some texture spray in my ends. (Fun fact, my least favorite thing in the world is brushing my hair!)

Nonetheless, I’m constantly getting messages on the hats I wear, so I thought I would share some of my favorites so you can go snag yourself one…. or 10.

My favorite style is a flat brim. The wider the brim the better. I have super full cheeks, and this style seems to balance out those chubby suckers.

I love all the luitenant style hats out there, but I haven’t found one that looks good on my face yet. So I’ll just stick to the flat brim for today’s post.

My favorite brands are:

Brixton (@brixtonwomens)

Lack of Color (@lackofcoloraus)

Yestadt Millinery (@yestadtmillinery)

Janessa Leone (@janessaleone)

The Wise Hatter (@thewisehatter)

I brought some of my collection of hats into the salon so I could take pictures of the girls wearing them, to show you guys how flattering this style is on a variety of face shapes.

And obviously the best accessory to any hat is Natural Beaded Rows Hair Extensions.

Do you guys have a favorite hat brand or place to score some rad ones? If so let me know!

Hats…the lazy girls guide to looking put together.