Currently obsessing over NBR.

Shocker right?

Do you guys know how I got into NBR extensions?

I followed a cute blogger who had great fashion sense, and killer hair. She posted on one of her IG posts about her new extensions she got installed, and how they were “her favorite ever”

As a fellow extension lover/whore, I had to know more. Any new extension method that was out there, I was trying on myself, then offering to my clients.

So I got some deets on the new method (Natural Beaded Rows), reached out to said blogger, and she said
“Oh my gosh YES, my sister in law does these extensions, you should come to my next appointment and just watch and see if you like them!”


Then shortly after, she messaged me and basically said
“No can do”

These extensions were taught by Danielle White, the creator of NBR, and only SHE could show me them.

I found it weird at first, because I’ve learned some other shit second hand in the industry, and never thought anything of it.

But I’m SO glad this stylist had the integrity she did and denied showing me because it literally has lead me to where I am today.

I wasn’t trying to do anything shady by it, honestly.

If people were willing to show me something they learned, and I invested the time to practice it, good for me, right?

No, not so much.

Hairstylists are artists, and they create. Not sure why I started out in the industry knowing you could get education like a game of telephone: transferred from person to person, until it got to you, (maybe even a few things lost in translation) but heyyyy you still learned something new. So it’s still a success and another notch in your “education belt” right?! (I’m cringing as I type this)

Sadly, this is how the industry was. I know that, because I lived it. And yes, I paid for education too, (like all the cool celebrity stylists classes), but I wasn’t above the freebie, hand me down class either. Hey, I’m just being honest.

After working alongside Danielle for two years and seeing the grind and hustle that goes into creating something, and educating on it, I will never see things the same.

I now hold myself to a higher standard, and we are raising the bar for the industry as well.

Don’t cheapen the artist who works so hard to create something, and is then generous enough to share it with others.

Support them. Invest in yourself and your business. You’ll never regret it. I know I haven’t.

So thank you to the stylist who denied showing me NBR, and unknowingly sent me on the path to my career destiny.

Here’s some work of Natural Beaded Rows transformations that I’ve done over the past week.

I owe everything I’ve learned about these bad boy extensions to the one and only, Danielle White.

I still have way more to learn, but I’m eternally grateful for all the time she has invested in training me, and expecting more from me. I’m in awe of her creativity, originality, but most of all her generosity. She literally wants everyone to live their dream life, and will share all of her experience and knowledge to help you achieve yours.

Thanks for all you do, D.

xoxo your biggest fan and fellow hair whore (lion manes forevaaaa)