One of my favorite places to go when I’m looking for that summer feel, is Cabo.

My husband and I go there about once or twice a year when we just need a quick weekend getaway. It’s such a quick & easy trip, only about a two-hour direct flight from Orange County, California.

We have stayed in all of the top resorts there, and I have to say my favorite one is the One & Only Hotel. The customer service and energy here is phenomenal. I also love the more tropical feel with tons of palms all throughout the hotel property.

The hotel has two holes, and an amazing beach. One thing you may not know, is at hotels on the Pacific side you cannot swim in the ocean. However, this one is on the other side, and the water is actually nice to swim in, and other water activities such as paddle boarding or surfing.

My husband surfs every morning in Orange County, so of course he brought his surfboard. But this time of year there is no waves by our hotel. We ended up driving to the beach about an hour away called Cerritos, which was a nice beach but I definitely wouldn’t want to stay over there.

As far as eating in Cabo, I would recommend going for some of the other high-ends resorts. One of our other favorite hotels there is called the Pedragal. They have one of my favorite restaurants that sits on a cliff with waves crashing against the rocks while you sit and eat the most amazing five courses of fresh seafood meal. Half the time they’re usually fireworks going. Talk about an experience.

Another fun lunch spot to visit is called the Farm. Dinner I would also check out is Esperanza.

If you have a chance, definitely try a sunset  cruise. This trip we took a semi private sailboat out, which was more chill than your average Booz cruise, but they also serve drinks and light food.

If you decide to go dancing or out to a club in Cabo, you may want to get a few drinks in you before you go. They all play super 90s, ha ha, which after a few drinks seems amazing. We didn’t go dancing this trip, though. Just nice dinners and relaxing time for us.

My husband  and I try to take at least four trips a year with just him and I. Even if it’s just a little overnight stay somewhere, or a quick weekend getaway. If you tuned into our weekly podcast on Dating Life When Married, you can see a recap here on the blog, or head over to iTunes and listen in & subscribe to the Date Your Wife Podcast.

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