It’s January, and I’m back in action. If I’m being 100% honest, I got the worst cold this holiday season and we went to the montage in Deer Valley Utah, and I literally ended up spending most of the time in bed just looking at the snow.

Finally on my last day there, I forced myself to go skiing. I’m glad I did the mounds of theirs are absolutely beautiful. I snow board, but I figured since my whole family skis, I should give it a shot. I’m proud to say I safely made it down the bunny hill without falling ha ha.

The kids went back to school today. I’m not gonna lie I had fun spending time with them, but I was ready to get back on a routine and head full force into 2018.

Every year I like to look at things and figure out what is working, and what is not.

I also like to try new things in business. I hate staying stagnant, and the only way to learn and grow is to try new things. One form of social media that I’ve never tried is Podcasting. I realize in my last few posts I’ve briefly mentioned starting a podcast, but I’m actually really excited about it. We have one that I’m doing with both of my lead trainer’s in NBR called Big Money Stylist Podcast.

Today, we shot our first team podcast. Not only will you be able to hear it by audio, I will be publishing it here on the blog. Key points we will be covering weekly, is our Power, Production, Profit and Protection.

Let’s start with Power.

Power is the ability to believe in yourself, the Courage it takes to do what is required.

Next, Production: The mindsets and skill sets of marketing, sales and branding.

Profit: This would be your accounting teams and flat out knowing your numbers so you know where you’re headed. (You’re only as good your numbers, not the hype of what you think your numbers might be.)

Last, Protection: This is where we touch base on systems, technology and teams. If you don’t protect it, you won’t grow.

I will be speaking as a mom and business owner, because that’s what I am. I can only relate based on where I’m at. One thing that you can expect from me and my team, is that we give it our all.  We don’t sugarcoat anything, and we find power and sharing where we’ve come from.

You also might get a good laugh. My teams are hilarious, and I’m so excited to bring us all together for this journey.

In my weekly #DKWFashion posts I like to share a couple looks that I am obsessed with. Lately it’s finally getting a little chilly in Orange County, and I’m breaking out the sweaters. When I say Chilly I mean 60° ha ha.

Hope everyone is having an amazing start to your January, and just remember. Don’t let the momentum die after January. Set realistic goals and take things one day at a time.