I felt a little silly taking this Photo Shoot with my husband, Garrett J. White.

Dancing in front of Lamborghini Aventador … Really? People do that?!

Now, let’s rewind 6.5 years…

I was pregnant with my second child… I felt distant from my husband, and we were financially struggling.

The baby came, and things got worse. My husband made some poor choices, and I probably should have left him…

I was in a tough place, and thought “well it’s time for me to wake up and do something different. I need to switch paths, and rewrite my story.” (This is actually when I created my business and brand)

Raised in Utah, in the very Mormon bubble, it’s hard to rewrite your story…

…And as much as I used to think it was just a Utah cultural thing, I find that people all over have a hard time letting go of their community, or those who they think are the closest around them…

…In fear of our own judgment, or others  judging them, or their success, or just their decision to do something different.

It’s weird. I think initially, it’s human nature to say you’re happy for people moving on, or trying something different. But at the same time we think… “Why aren’t they happy right here? This is the place to be.”

But here’s the thing. If you experience more growth in life, you just can’t go back.

You can’t experience growth in the same place.

Regardless of your success, or lack there of – There is always room for growth and  expansion, and in my experience, sometimes that requires you to let go.

Grow. Slow and Steady.

Be smart about your choices, and give yourself a little more credit for your strengths.

Why would you settle once you have experienced more? Because it’s easier, right?

Sometimes, when you’re comfortable, you don’t even see the pain until you experience growth, and you can look back and be proud of how far you have come.

I would like to say that inside of this story, me and my husband only had a really rough patch for six months or so. But it wasn’t like that at all. We both fought for what we wanted for almost 4 years. And I would say in the last couple years, I finally feel at peace with our wars.

I know that when we come together on the same page, we would be unstoppable.

Not just in business, but within our own relationship, and the respect we have for one another.

So I look back, and as silly as I feel the photos are from this Photo Shoot, I do believe it to be a reflection of where we’re at right now in life, and I’m so excited for where the journey takes us from here.

It’s 4 years ago since we first moved to California. We set goals.

At the time, they seemed so far off, and we didn’t know how exactly we were going to get there, but we were both fighters for what we wanted, and committed.

This year we smashed our goals, and as a RESULT – I got my house, and Garrett got his car.

Last week, my husband held Warrior Convention with over 600 men. (Warrior is his brand that he created around the same time I started mine. You can listen to his Podcast Warrior On Fire HERE, or Get His WarriorBook HERE!)

This week, we have our BMS Hair Convention with 200 stylist that we will teach, together.

This will be the largest hair class I have personally taught, and I’m so excited to be on stage with this man training beside me.

Now, if you haven’t noticed I love fashion. I don’t know something about it… I just love the details, the designs, and I love more than anything how I feel.

It’s kind of like hair extensions It just makes you feel more confident, and I’m all about what makes a man or woman feel more confident. If you want to Experience My NBR Hair Extensions, Click HERE!

One thing I hate, is doing the shopping for my husband. He’s a big guy, so it’s hard to find correct sizes, and he loves comfort.

Like most guys, right?

He literally could wear the same thing every day.

Problem is, as much as I love clothes and fashion, you could see how I was hoping he could spice things up a little bit.

A client of mine told me about a company called David August. Of course I looked them up on Instagram, and thought, “Wow, these guys are dressing some pretty big celebrity so must be the best.”

So that year for Christmas I got my husband a gift card.

My goal was just to give him a taste.

I knew that soon after he would be hooked, and I wouldn’t have to worry about shopping for him anymore.

It’s really a win-win situation for everyone.

He feels more confident, and I get a little more variety.

I also can tell he feels more confident in a good suit, which for any woman is definitely attractive.

Now, ladies. David August don’t just do suits. They custom tailor everything. Jeans. Polos. Everything. I’m a firm believer when things fit correctly, they just look better quality.

Now, on to my dress. This is a newer designer, Veronica Beard. I’m absolutely obsessed with everything this Designer has recently, and so I’ve gotten multiple pieces – although pricey, it’s not outrageous. They have many unique and fun pieces.

Shop my look below.

Happy Holidays, and Cheers heading into 2018!