While setting my New Year Goals, I’m still riding high off of last week’s BMS Convention – my largest class yet with over 170 stylists in the room.

I’m not going to lie; speaking in large groups is something I’ve never been comfortable doing. I actually consider myself somewhat quiet until you get to know me, and then I’m probably quite obnoxious.

Leading up to the event I knew I would be comfortable doing hair in front of everyone, because that’s me in my element.

However, if you’re trying to raise the standard and push a movement, it has to be more than just hair. I always say it’s not just about the beads and string. I had a vision six years ago of how many people this could impact, and for the first time this last week it hit me… Wow, we’re really doing this!

As I stood there on stage and looked out over the crowd, I also realized this is just the beginning, so get ready.

There’s one thing you may not know about me – I love learning and growing, even if that means being extremely uncomfortable at times, so I force myself to do things to prove to myself I got this.

It’s funny. I believe we all have a story about ourselves and who we are, and the more I push myself to step outside my comfort zone, I discover a new version of myself. This doesn’t mean I’m not still me. It’s just a better version of myself.

I always promote to those around me to be your best self. In order to become your best self, this requires change.

I sat with my mastermind group of 70 hair stylists today, and we talked about new year goals heading into 2018.

We told everyone to sit down and write down specific, realistic new year goals.

One of my own personal new year goals for 2018 is to perfect my craft. I believe there is always room for improvement in all areas, so even though I educate I strive to become even better and stay ahead of the curve. Another goal of mine is to become a better speaker and trainer.

It’s important to create balance in your life, so if you’re currently feeling overworked in your business, maybe a goal should be to create more space and family time. Over the last few years that’s one area where I feel like I’ve been better.

I think that women tend to lack taking time for themselves, so I would encourage you to consistently take a day for yourself.

That’s right. Not an hour, or a half hour a day.

Fridays is kind of my go-to day because that’s my day off work. I literally do absolutely nothing. Shop online, work-out, and just hang out by myself. I can’t tell you how amazing this is.

Whatever your new year goals are, start mapping them out now!

Anyways, if you follow my blog you know I love fashion, so here’s one of my latest looks. Shop this look below.