OK you crazy hairdressers – the countdown is on, and our NBR / BMS Convention starts in just two days. So pumped to see all 170 for the first NBR Certification CONVENTION!

Monday is when I typically like to do my hair related posts. Last week the team and I shared formulas, and this week we’re doing the same. I believe the number one cause most extensions don’t blend is that the color is off. So I educate on not only hair extensions, but also how to color and blend them for that Natural Look.

Today’s photo that I’m sharing is one that I get asked about a lot, and I actually had quite the learning experience with this one. She was a new client and said she wanted some to dimension to her her hair which I agreed. Her blonde had faded out and turned that yellow blonde that nobody likes. She expressed to me that any time someone has tried to add a low light, it always goes to a weird color so she just sticks to blonde.

I should’ve taken that as a sign to do a strand test on her hair to see how it would take the color, but I was feeling overly confident that day and decided I’m gonna trust my gut and just do my usual favorite little lowlight. As we’re rinsing her Val looks up at me and says with giant eyeballs, “What Lo light did you use?” To freak out the client, I walked over and of course for level eight low light went to a level four. Stripy city… “Shit” I thought …

Of course I kept calm. I didn’t panic because I know I am a professional, and my philosophy is that you work until the job is done. So if something starts to go south, you figure out how to take it to the right direction and simply work til the job is done.

So I decided to Mix up a little bleach shampoo as we started to paint that through her ends. I loved what it was doing…it was taking the dark muddy low light that I put in, and lifted it to a warm level eight. Now, you know that if you deposit a little low light on a blonde it’s typically hard to get a warm tone… maybe that’s why she had a bad experience in the past. We all know that lifting here creates warmth. So the bleach wash actually worked out perfect, and it’s kind of been a secret weapon we’ve been using inside to Salon for a while.

We also toned it with what we call the vanilla toner. I’m personally not a big fan of ashy icy blondes, but I do love neutral or soft vanilla tones. I feel like vanilla is a SafeWord with clients ha ha.

Anyways, here was her formula:

We first did baby lights throughout the whole head, then added her low light 7nb 7gb 8wg

Then painted her end  that were left out of the foil to Brighten them up.

At the shampoo bowel: Bleach wash and tone 9v 9n redken shades EQ


When I first met Kelli she was in the middle of a filming break, so I had to be careful how much I changed her hair. Anything I was going to change color wise would rely heavily on what the production crew would allow. It’s only Ashton Kutcher who would approve it after all… no biggie right!? 😳

That was 7 weeks ago. Last week she came in for her first tightening appointment, and turns out the staff LOVED her NBR Hair Extensions! Her hair was longer and thicker than when she wore tape-ins, and it was much easier to give her different styles on the show!

For her tightening appt her hair needed to be refreshed, and definitely toned. 

Now I would LOVE to show you a before picture buuutttt hairstylist fail… I forgot taking one. 

But I can offer you a couple of afters, and her formula instead!

Babylights: lightener 20 vol.
Lowlights: Shades 8n
Toner: Shades 9v
Smudge: Shades 8n

Babylight: lightener 30vol
Lowlight: Shades 8n
Tone: 9v

Want to see more of my work, or what NBR looks like? Check out Part 4 of The Ranch on Netflix, coming out December 15th!

Hey guys, it’s Val.

If you know me, you know I live for the long hair life, so this transformation is different for me.

This client came in with really dark bands, orangey highlights and collarbone length.

I went in and highlighted her, with different volumes of peroxide depending on the area of the hair shaft I was working on.

Some pieces were black, some were a medium brown, and then there was the orange. Fun times! I then did a base to cover her gray.

Then, I went in and low lighted with a dark neutral brown, and then fully saturated everything else with a lighter brown with the lowlights. At the bowl, I smudged the highlights so they had a soft transition. Then I toned zone two with a level 7/8 and then did a level 8/9 on her ends.

For her extensions I ended up doing two rows and a mini. Her hair is extremely thick, so she needed a lot of hair to add in to make it blend. This transformation is much harder (for me). It’s easier to blend long, thin layers. But thick hair can get tricky.

That’s why I love NBR Hair Extensions. There is no other method that lets you put in this much hair. So 15 pieces of hair later, we had enough to get that Natural Looking Blend NBR is all about!

Since her hair is so thick and cut extremely blunt, we needed to be conservative with her length to ensure it looked natural. We cut her to a little past her armpit length, only adding about 5-6 inches of length. The end result was blended and natural, which is our goal for every NBR client.

I’ve heard a lot of people say NBR is only for fine hair clients, but it definitely is more versatile than that!

I mean, if it were up to me – everyone in the world would have at least one row of Natural Beaded Rows in their head 😉


Last week, our Client Holly came in with dreams of having longer hair. Her hair was pretty short due to a “trim”. Usually we don’t recommend NBR for clients with this short of hair, but Holly was an existing client so we suited up for battle. First I colored her hair and the extensions with:

Base: 5.13 9vol
Highlights: blondme 20vol
Toner: 7.13 + 8n 6vol

After we installed her two full rows of NBR we had to cut. Blending that short of hair into extensions is F-king hard! I ended up just razoring the shit out of the top row, and it started coming together. We were both pretty impressed at how much length we were able to give her and this is where my story ends.

That’s all for today – if you’re interested in or want your hair done in Laguna Beach, California, or just want more information – Click Here! We love to invite you to experience NBR!