Hair Accessories are all the rage right now, and perfect for any holiday updo. Most of these looks are fairly simple. I love an expose bobby pin, but make sure if you’re going to do this look, that you have to stack multiple bobby pins so it looks intentional.

People often ask me if you can pull your hair up, or do updos with hair extensions. With NBR, everything is custom colored, and placed where they’re not visible when you pull your hair up. So often times, before I go to the gym, I throw my hair in a messy bun without even checking in the mirror, as I’m 100% confident that everything is hiding.

Before NBR Hair Extensions I wasn’t even confident with my ponytail. It was more of a toddler pony. I feel more confident with more hair, and love all the different styles I can do with them. If you’ve been contemplating hair extensions, Natural Beaded Rows may be the right choice for you.

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