Can you believe it’s almost Christmas?

I swear the month of December always flies by, especially as a salon owner as we hair stylists typically work crazy hours. My salon close on Tuesday until January 4. The whole team worked hard, and everyone is heading out of town including myself and my family. We are heading to Park City Ski for the week.

My husband and I like to go out on a date at least once or twice a week. Some date nights we plan a fun experience, and other times we just like to chill and have a glass of wine and watch a movie. But we can’t exactly chill and watch Netflix at home because we have two kids, so we like to go to the Cinépolis Theater here.

Some date nights we we just go to dinner and go over work. Both of us are pretty busy during the week, whether it’s running kids to dance every other day, working at the salon, or just life in general.

My husband I have our separate businesses, but we also work together. It took a while to get on the same page, but I actually love working with him now.

Now, Dating is actually what saved our marriage. We’ve been married for 14 years, and when we got kids we stopped dating. We thought “we spend plenty of time together, and we can’t afford a babysitter so it is what it is.”

When our marriage was falling apart, and we literally had almost nothing, we committed to go out on a date once a week with each other.

No kids, and just try to reconnect.

This was hard. I swear the first couple years we did this, every other date night we got into an argument.

Then, things started to get better, and both of us started to look forward to our weekly date nights.

During this time we also started to work on ourselves. It’s interesting, really. Couples I talk to who are not in a good spot in their marriage, tend to always want to blame the other person… I know I did.

I took a hard look at myself, and realized it takes two people to create story.

Our relationship is in a pretty amazing spot right now, and people always ask me, “how did you guys turn it around?”

I can’t give you the exact formula, and the only thing I can tell you is that we both wanted more out of life.

A huge turning point for us was that we both started to focus on our careers, and we ended up in a space where neither of us needed each other.

We slowly starting to have more respect for one another, and committed to that one date night a week where we could talk and reconnect.

In relationships you have to have love & respect, and be willing to put time into it.

In 2018 my husband and I are starting a podcast together. It’s called “Date Your Wife”.

We will be talking about anything from Sex, Business, Babies and Life.

It’s time to collaborate with our brands, and talk more about our story together.

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Stayed tuned in January for our new podcast that I will also be sharing here on the blog.

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