Hey ladies! I feel like I’ve been slacking on my blog posts this week ha ha. This weeks been a busy week between Halloween, kid festivity work, not to mention prepping to take a family trip to New York tomorrow. I’ve been slammed.

My team and I have been busy hustling selling out our December Convention for hairstylists. This will be a class with over 150 students (my biggest class yet!!) This is not a group collaboration, this is my event!!

It’s crazy to think how far things have come. Literally six years ago I was a girl sitting in my bathroom with my iMac recording videos, sharing my love and passion for hair and specifically hair extensions.

I knew I had created a niche inside the hair world which allowed me to both be a mom, and work part time making more than full time pay as a stylist behind the chair.

I was able to help support my family in time of need. But I knew it was time to spread the word. Have other hairstylist, and specifically even mom’s, experience what I had.

My first step was to create my Natural Beaded Rows Online Training Program. I remember as I sat at my desktop editing my own videos, over critiquing and overthinking everything that I was doing, feeling like it wasn’t good enough to try and put out in the marketplace and sell.

But trusting my gut, and listening to that small voice inside me saying “you have no idea where this is going to go.”

To this day that vision keeps me pushing because I know the impact that it will have and the change in our industry I can make. I’ve learned a lot along the way. I literally had no business coaches to tell me what to do, or where to start. But I knew I could figure it out if I just had the courage to put myself out there and go.

Being a working mom at times can be challenging. There’s always that “mommy guilt”. Or “mom fail” moments.

I’ll give an example… this week was Halloween, and I showed up to my six-year-old Halloween party. I thought “this is great I feel like one of those moms who is super involved.”

As I’m walking in the class I see all these cute pumpkins decorated, I thought “Oh, that’s fun they decorated pumpkins in the class party.”

I see my daughter, I smile, give her a big hug and she gives me this kind of slightly disappointed look. I think “What, I’m here aren’t you excited to see me?”

Then, as we were leaving the Halloween party her teacher looks at me and says, “Why didn’t your daughter do her pumpkin book report?”

All the kids got to decorate pumpkins, and they had to bring them in today. They’ve known about this for the last month. I literally thought in my head… “Really, I missed the first book report of the year and every kid has a cute decorated pumpkin except for mine.”

Ya. Serious “mom fail” moment.

But Guess what I did remember to do..it was Halloween, and I had a make up artist to come to our house. We watched Halloween movies, and did make-up. As I sat and watched the make-up artist dust pink eyeshadow over my 6 year old eyelids and pretty much be-dazzle her face with Jules and place on her unicorn horn, I saw a Huge smile on her face and all the guilt melted away.

I thought “You know what.. Despite all those moments of failure, I sure love my girls and know I’m doing something right.”

So a message to all you moms out there. Whether you’re a working mom or not, enjoy all the small moments with your kids and let go of the mommy guilt. Embrace those moments of fail, and learn from them. Lead by example, and take time each week to step outside of your routine of homework, and bath times, and sports, and just connect with your kids.

That’s all.

P.S. Here are a couple fall looks that I’m absolutely loving.