Having a serious Carrie Bradshaw moment in these photos….

Aww… NYC life what would it be like?

We stayed at the place towers, which is also where gossip girl was filmed. l had a few moments, you know when life slows down all of the sudden in your mind, and there’s music playing in the background, and you feel like you’re in a movie? Yep I was there…

A real life gossip girl… oh, wait except… It was a family trip, and I had my kids there. 😉 ha ha

It was actually one of the funnest family trips we’ve had in a while. New York is one of my favorite places. The energy is incredible, and this time of year it’s not too cold and they’re just starting to put up Christmas decorations.

We went to three Broadway Plays, ice-skating, time square, shopping and more…

I will actually be sharing most of the details of this trip on Friday’s post, so don’t miss more NYC looks and all the details tomorrow – but you can shop one of my favorite looks early here: