“Hey, you know my old lady client Jan? Well, she kicked the bucket, and her husband said I can come to the house and have first dibs on all of her plants. Wanna roll?”

My friend at the first salon I ever worked at, asked me this, and truthfully, here is where my plant obsession began.

“I feel like this a very 90 year old activity, but yeah, I’ll go.”

We rolled up to Jan’s house, sad because of the obvious, but once we got inside, I took a look around and was like “What a rad old lady!”

Her house was like a real life jungle, and man those plants were thriving! There was so much life radiating between those walls. Her husband told us how much Jan loved all of her plants…dude, some of them were THIRTY years old. I was 19 at the time, so that shit blew my mind. We sat and listened to her husband reminisce about his wife and her hobby of gardening.

I came into the situation thinking this was on the weirder side of things I’ve done, but left with a haul of loved up plants, and a commitment to myself, my friend, and good ‘ol Jan, that I would keep her plants loved and living.

To this day, I still have one of them. Yes, sadly, only one. Hey, It took me a while to figure out the whole plant lady thing.

Now a days, I feel like it’s cool and trendy to love plants, and everyone is a self proclaimed “crazy plant lady”. But unless you’ve gone to a deceased person’s house, calling first dibs on their plants, you ain’t got shit on me 😉
(And if you have done that, good for you, let’s hang out!)

I buy my plants from nurseries, flea markets, home depot (onlyyyyy when I’m in a pinch), craigslist, and even estate sales. Death and plants go hand in hand. When I croak, I can’t wait to see who ends up with all of my plant babies. Hopefully a rad 19 year old girl with a commitment to keep the circle of life going.

My happy place

Every corner of my house is filled with plants. I feel like it brings good energy to the space. I love watering them, misting them, repotting them, wiping the leaves, and seeing how much they grow. Not gonna lie, I talk to our plants too. I didn’t use to, but I’m getting senile in my old age, so I guess it was the next logical step.

I just rescued that fiddle leaf fig last week, he needs some good loving, but i’ll get him back to his Sunday best, in no time.

This is Big Betty, she was a craigslist score. One man’s trash…

A little side story…

One year (like eons ago), Big Ryno gave me a massive cactus for Valentine’s Day. He knew I hated flowers, so he went the plant route (bonus points) and he said the most romanic thing ever to me

“It’s a cactus, kinda like you…prickly, but low maintenance”

Funny. Sweet.. and true. He’s always just gotten me.

One of my favorite spots in our house. Every time I look at it, I think of Jan, my friend (who sadly has since passed), and can still feel happiness. Plants, man, they give life and all the good vibes.

Happy Wednesday, guys! Hope this week is treating ya well!