Hey ladies, I’m finally sharing the details from my New York City trip.

But first a little backstory….

My little six-year-old kept asking me if we could go see SpongeBob in New York. My first thought was “Really? SpongeBob in New York?” And I saw the repeating commercials about it coming to Broadway. I’ve been wanting to find an excuse to go to New York, and thought this might be fun to take my two girls and see broadway plays.

The weather was perfect – it was chilly enough to wear a light jacket, but I didn’t have to bundle up. The Christmas Decor was just starting to get set up in all the street windows, and the fall leaves give me all those fall feels.

We stayed at the Palace Towers. (Apparently this is where gossip girl was filmed) Because we brought our kids we decided to get a suite. I was impressed with the size of the Suite – It had its own separate bedroom, two bathrooms and kitchen, and a large living room – not to mention a killer view. Pricey, but worth it. The location is great, not too far from Time Square. And only about a mile away from Central Park and Fifth Avenue.

Last year we went to New York as a family, and we stayed in the Plaza. This was fun because it was close to Central Park and the weather was warmer, so we ended up doing the Zoo and staying on that end of the city. However, during Christmas time I definitely like being in the middle of the action and felt like the suites at the towers were a little bit bigger.

One thing I absolutely hate doing is planning. I like to have a little bit of structure to my vacations, but also a lot of free time to just wing it and see what sounds fun. I also find this is a good attitude when taking young kids so that it’s not what I call “forced fun”. This is a term my husband and I use… You know, when the kids are in total meltdown but you have a plan so you’re forcing the fun on them 😉 ha ha.

The only thing I had planned was flights, hotel and 2 Broadway Plays. We ended up seeing three. We saw Wicked, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and of course SpongeBob.

I can only say good things about all three plays. I was actually surprisingly impressed with how fun and creative SpongeBob was. I’m not going to lie, I find myself occasionally watching SpongeBob with my girls and thought they did amazing re-creating the characters in the cartoon. The storyline of the broadway was entertaining, and very creative.

I would like to give you all sorts of recommendations for restaurants we tried, but to be honest it kind of ended up being like “hey this looks like a nice restaurant, let’s try here.”

The first day we were there we ended up going ice-skating at Rockefeller Center. My girls loved this. I’m not going to lie, this ice-skating rink looks much bigger on TV, but surprisingly wasn’t very crowded when we went.

I’m assuming if you go during the holidays it would be packed, so if you decide to go ice-skating maybe do the morning session versus the night to avoid the crowds. My girls love skating so much we ended up doing the evening session the next day. I know they also have ice-skating available in Central Park, however we didn’t make it over there this trip.

Top of the rock is always a fun experience if you haven’t seen that. It’s probably the best view in the city, and fun to go up and take photos there.

And of course the shopping is always amazing.

Because we had our kids I knew I had limited time for shopping, and I thought, “Where will I have the best choices with the biggest variety in the  quickest amount of time…?”

I knew right where I was headed. Bergdorf and goodman. This is a very bougie department store, and has all the high-end brands. In fact, we went into the Chanel store on Fifth Avenue and they did not have the bag I was looking for, but when we went to Bergdorf they did. So sometimes their selection is even a little better.

Whenever I’m shopping out of town somewhere I try to get items that I wouldn’t find home. I got the best pair of Christian Lou Vuitton boots that I’m excited to share in some of my future fashion posts, as well as a small Chanel backpack that I had been looking for.

So all in all I would say it was a successful trip.

Here are a couple looks I wore for going out to dinner and the Broadway Plays. But don’t get me wrong, during the day I was definitely in flats and more comfortable style walking around.

My favorite dress I wore on this trip was actually on last weeks post. Click here to check it out! It would make a great little holiday number. Leopard is all the rage right now, but if you’re going to wear leopard dress, or even a leopard shirt, it has to be broken up because let’s be real – It’s a lot of animal print.

One of my other favorite purchases this season is actually this cute little sweater dress I have on. The detail on the sleeve is pretty amazing. I think it looks more expensive in person, and can be dressed up or down.

The boots I’m wearing with both looks are the Stewart Weitzman thigh high. I’m petite only 5 3” and I know all you Polly pockets out there are wondering if you can wear thigh high boots. To be honest with you I actually think they make your legs look longer.

So if you’ve been wondering if you can pull them off, I would Definitely recommend trying on a pair see how you feel, we are definitely a winter staple for me and very comfortable.

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