Today on the #MondayManes post I wanted to introduce you to a few of the stylists at DKW Styling Salon.

Right now I am currently only behind the chair doing hair 2 days a week. I’ve personally trained everyone working at my salon, and have loved watching all of us grow both as a team, and as individuals. So today I’m letting them share a little bit about why they love hair, and of course some more formulas for all you hair color junkies…

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Hey guys! I’m Danielle’s right hand shadow, Stacie, but I also take my own NBR Hair Extensions & Color Clients. I’m in love with doing hair because it’s the one thing I can do where the passing of time doesn’t exist. All day I get to thug out (listen to music) be creative, laugh with the DKW Styling team, and play with hair.

This is my before and after of my client Nicole. I broke up her bold front pieces with baby low lights and a smudge. I did babylights throughout her entire head, and a few low lights for dimension. I smudged her at the bowl and toned.


Babylights: Lightener 20 vol
Lowlight: DiaLight 6n 6vol
Smudge: DiaLight 7.13 + 6n 6vol
Toner: DiaLight 9.13 6vol

Hey guys!

I’m Val. I’m a stylist at DKW Styling Salon, and one of the lead trainers for NBR and BMS. I’ve been doing hair for 13 years, and have been working with Danielle for two years now. I’m her OG employee and couldn’t be more grateful for all the opportunities she has given me.

NBR has changed the extension game, and I say that as someone who has worn extensions non-stop for the past 12 years. I’ve tried everything both on myself, and on my clients, but once I learned Natural Beaded Rows, it was game over. I knew I had found the perfect method.

Since then, I’ve only worn NBR Hair Extensions in my hair, and it’s the only extensions I will ever offer my clients. Currently my entire clientele wears NBR, and I’m lucky enough to train other stylists on this rad method as well. The fact that I’m living my dream job day-in and day-out is not lost on me. I feel so grateful to be able to boost women’s confidence daily!

Highlights 20 vol
Base 5n 9vol
Lowlights 5.13
Toner: 7.13 & 8.3
Extensions: 4, 5 and 8a
5 was rooted with 4-0 20vol
4 had 2 pieces fully saturated in 5n to deepen
8 had a 4-0 root blurred into 5.13 then blurred to 6
8a toned with 8n and 6n in sync

Hi, I’m Anianne!

I recently moved to Laguna Beach from Missouri to work inside the DKW Styling Salon, and be one of the lead trainers for BMS. I took my first BMS class in May of 2016 and I became OBSESSED.

The education was like nothing I had ever seen. It taught me how to fill my books with clients I love, and how to find my niche providing a service that is changing how women see and feel about themselves. (No more perms or kids cuts, thank god!)

I knew I HAD to become an educator, and I would do whatever it took. One year later I was offered a position here in California and I hopped on the next plane! Whether in the salon, or in our studios training, I’m definitely living my dream job.

Filled with:
6/34, 7/43, 6/3, smidge /3 10V

Baby lights- shades 8WG, 7NB, dash 6G
Smudge-wella 5/0, dash 5/3
All over- 6/0, dash 6/3

Natural Beaded Rows Hand Tied Hair Extensions is a method I created over my own personal hair struggles, and my experience over the last 15 years of being behind the chair.

I have been educating on it for the last 7 years. With NBR Hair Extensions, I believe through my own personal experience with multiple different methods, that less points of contact is better on the hair.

There is this misconception in the industry that more time equals more value with hair extensions. I couldn’t disagree more. I believe the end result in-person (and not just the before and after on instagram) proves results.

Multiple things placed in the hair will cause more damage to the natural hair.

NBR is a method done with hand tied hair that create a comfortable, lightweight solution.

The entire removal process takes less than five minutes which makes it less messy, and better on the hair.

There is no tape, glue or sticky “protein bond” involved. And although I have fine hair myself I have proven this method to work on multiple hair textures in my salon, and many stylists nationwide that I educate have also proven this inside of their own salons.

We currently have a monthly mastermind group of over 50 stylists and salons nation wide who are offering NBR Hair Extensions. And we have an additional 170 coming out to or next certification class in Huntington Beach California this December. The method and name is finally picking up some momentum ,and my team and I are PUMPED heading into 2018!!!

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