Ok ladies white booties – Yes or no??? I feel like I stepped back into the 70s in these babies. I love that everything repeats itself in a new, fun way in fashion. I feel like my soul really speaks to the 70s era style. Maybe it’s because I’m a little bit of a hippie at heart. Every time I wear this free people dress people literally stop me and ask me where I got it.

It was fall for two seconds in Orange County, and then right back to 85°. I’m not complaining, but I’ve been pretty much living in booties and dresses.

Today I filmed one of my shows for YouTube and I decided to invite my hubby on to share a little more of our story and our success with Business, and even how we met.

It’s been a crazy journey, and I’m so appreciative to have far we have come together. My husband started a business called Wake Up Warrior, and is owner of the Natural Beaded Rows Hair Extension Education. (NBR is the hair extension technique I created).

About a year ago I decided that I wanted to take my creation and business to the next level, and I was going to hire a business manager to help me push it there but I knew if anybody could do it quicker and more effective it would be my husband.

I had seen what he had built with his own company in the last five years, and knew he would be the man to help push things to the next level. I knew the only way to get him on board was to give him ownership, and not just say “hey hun can you help me my Business?” It needed to be his business.

I also realized that I needed to let go in order to let my business fly.

I knew that I had created a solution not only for people with similar hair as myself, but I also knew when times were financially hard for us, this was  a niche inside the hair world that would help me provide for my family. I knew this was something that I needed to share with others, and knew there was no one better to help me share this message than my husband.

Click here if your a hair stylist and want to learn more. Or, if your a girl who just wants amazing hair CLICK here.

I also shot a home tour video. We moved into our dream beach home just over six months ago, and I’ve been meaning to share a sneak peek with everyone. Tune in here on the blog every Tuesday to watch the weekly YouTube video!

On Wednesday Val shared some amazing fall soup recipes, and some of her signature drinks. Click here to read more.

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Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend, and see you Monday!