Happy almost Halloween. I’m not going lie, kids give you an excuse to dress up as an adult, right!?

My littlest daughter said mommy I want to be a unicorn. Every year I usually throw on some ears, paint my face and call it a Halloween Costume. But this year, I thought it would be fun to do complete halloween costumes with my girls.

I can’t promise I’ll actually wear this dress for trick-or-treat night, but it’s kind of fun to dress up once a year.

Or, let’s be honest – I pretty much dress up every week… put outfits on and act candid for the “DKW Fashion” posts with you guys ha ha.

Since the time I was little, I’ve always loved dress ups. I guess as an adult I never fully grew out of it. I’m guilty of changing at least twice a day.

You know what the best part of Halloween is?


If you caught Vals post yesterday about her mom fail moments, we have all been there. Regardless if you’re working mom or not, it’s just hard to stay on top of things. We all have those mom fail moments. Some advice I give myself and I would like to say I share with other people is stop feeling guilty.

Enjoy the moments and minutes you have with your children. Embrace screwing up. Chances are you’re not screwing up. Take things one day at a time. And this Halloween, get dressed up, go with your kids and take a little time to breathe…

Happy Halloween all you Beautiful moms, and if you’re not a mom hopefully you still find value in my posts. I can only speak for who I am and where I’m at life.