First off, can I just say how much I love fall styles?

I’m switching my #DKWFashion to Thursdays. So I guess it’s now Thursday Threads. I just don’t want you guys to miss out on any fabulous looks you might want to re-create for the weekend.

If you have kids like myself, your weekend plans may be a mix of soccer and dance combined with pretty much wearing Lululemon and your favorite sneakers all day… but on those rare occasions where you might actually have a date night, or maybe even a luncheon, this would be perfect👌🏻

I was in the Nordstrom dressing room this last week (you know those few hours during week when everything is done off your checklist and you decide to take just an hour for yourself when the kids are in school), and I had to laugh as I overheard moms in the changing room describing how they have nothing to wear, and it’s date night, and they spend at least 30 minutes changing in the six different outfits, and then end up putting back in jeans and a sweater.

It’s funny I find that women tend to overthink things so we end up trying on our whole closet feeling like we have absolutely nothing to wear, and resorting back to what feels comfortable. Whereas men could literally wear the same thing every day and be totally cool with it. The less options they have the better.

One thing you may not know about me is I actually hate getting ready. But I have found a few tricks to help me look put together with less effort. I hear people tell me that I always look so polished or put together, but the reality is – if it takes more than 20 minutes to get ready I’m genuinely annoyed.

So listen ladies. Don’t overthink it.

Invest in some good basics, and then buy some fun pieces that on date night or events you can throw on and dress it up a bit.

I think that’s why I love a good pair shoes, and a good bag. Because even if you don’t have time to put effort into an outfit, good details always make you look more polished.

Find a makeup routine that works for you on a daily basis that you can commit to spending time to (you may like tuesday’s post on my every day makeup routine).

As far as washing and styling your hair, I honestly only do that twice a week.

To save time some days I’ll just wash my bangs and freshen up the curls a little bit. Or a half a messy bun is always a cute solution on those non-wash hair day.

Bottomline is. Commit to looking good and feeling good at least once or twice a week. Don’t overthink it, and find out what works best with your lifestyle.

Happy #DKWFashion Thursday everyone. If you love my hair in this photo, click here to find out more about NBR Hair Extensions and schedule your appointment today!