It was 7:45pm and I ran out the door without making eye contact with anyone, “I’ll be right back, I’m going to pick up dinner.”

Instead of heading to my family’s favorite mexican restaurant to pick up our togo order, I headed to a parking lot to meet my dealer.

I pulled up and got out of my car, where she then popped her trunk saying “I have your goods.”

How did I get here? Lying to my family. Pretending to pick up dinner, when in actuality I was meeting a stranger (who quickly became a friend) because of my new addiction.

I took one look into the trunk and got giddy.

I loved my new rug dealer.

Shit people, RUG, not drug, what kind of person do you take me for?

But honestly this moment was when I knew I had a problem. This was our third meeting in a week. And I really did lie to the fam. I mean, I did pick up dinner, I just left out the fact that I was getting a rug too. I wasn’t ready to be judged. How many rugs can one gal have?! I don’t have the answer to that yet. But I knew Big Ryno would think he had the answer, which was “We already have 5 too many.” Such a dream crusher.

So how did I get to the late night parking lot meetings?

We moved into our new house which doesn’t have an ounce of carpet, and echoed like a mutha… so I set out on a mission to find some unique rugs.

One of my client’s told me about a cute shop in Laguna that had a ton of home decor items that were my style. Long story short, and seven vintage rugs later… my house now doesn’t echo so much and has some rad, groovy, one of a kind style.

Shout out to The Garage Collective in Laguna Beach for being the cutest store, and for the best service ever.

Also, if my husband is reading this, good times! It’s the first time he’s hearing me say out loud that I have a Rug Dealer and a legit addiction. They say the first step to recovery is admitting it right? But wait, I don’t want to recover from this. I’m still enjoying my rug high, and I’m not a quitter 😉

For the record, Ry, I did come home with dinner that night. Hope that helps.

You can see how easily it was to get addicted, right?! Rugs were the gateway drug, but I’ve branched out into so much more now. Pillows, plant holders, wine racks, stools. Gimme one of everything, I want to try it all! Me and my house thank you, The Garage Collective. My husband and bank account, ehh not so much.

Happy Wednesday + happy shopping!