Standards in our industry, including who you choose to surround yourself with, can sometimes leave you at a stand still.

So how can you become more? This includes breaking free sometimes with who you associate with in order to learn and grow.

I believe changing your belief system can sometimes mean abandoning those who you may feel are like-minded.

No matter how many social media pretenders you put in a room – that doesn’t equal up to a real player.

So you have to ask yourself; Are you interested in getting paid, or are you interested in being popular?

Trust me I get it – I find myself slipping into the social media hustle bullshit.

But you have to be smart behind the scenes as well.

For my husband and I, this started about seven years ago.

We literally had to remove ourselves from my current circle of influence, and rebuild.

The first step was to shift OUR mindsets. This is a tricky conversation because how do you shift your mindset to believing something you can’t see a clear path for?

And this is not something that can be done overnight. You have to continue to hold yourself to a higher standard to what you believe is possible.

I’m going to give Val a little shout out in this post.

Some of you may know Val (If not she’s in charge of the Wednesdays posts). She has been working with me for over two years now, and most of the before-and-after’s in this post is actually her work.

I now have her as one of my trainers for our weekly mastermind for stylists. She has been so fun to watch learn and grow.

Not only in her work, but with training and just overall leveling up her life to what I think she didn’t even know would be possible.

I made a post inside my Natural Beaded Rows Instagram page and it said…

“Never apologize for having high standards those who want to be a part of your life will rise to meet them.”

I liked this random quote that I found because I feel like sometimes we let those around us determine where we can go.

One of the before and afters (The cute brunette that looks like she’s laughing) has also been so fun to watch her learn and grow, and I recently recruited her to move to California and be one of my full-time stylist and trainers.

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