Its 10:03pm and I’m trying to scramble to think of a blog post for tomorrow morning (the blog post I was supposed to have submitted three nights ago). I have so many creative ideas and different content I want to cover, but no time to execute them.

So it looks like today, I’m keeping shit real.

The holiday season is here, the crazy busy schedules are upon us, and I’m barely able to keep it together. I literally laugh out loud when people ask “How do you do it all?!”

Do what all? I’m miserably failing in so many departments!

So I apologize if I’ve ever given you the impression that I can, or that I am, in fact “doing it all” because I am not.

I am a struggling, (and as Ryno likes to call me) semi-functioning adult. Luckily, I have a sense of humor, and can laugh at myself and my many failures, while still plugging away everyday to hopefully stay afloat, and do things a little better than the day before.

Lately I’ve been kicking ass at work, and staying (mostly) on top of shit there (yay for that).

But the Mom Department, ehhh not so much. I’ve been having one mom fail after another.

Like last week when I brought my four year old dressed up in his PJ’s for “spirit week” only to find that I was an entire week too early. Lennox just looked like the kid with the lazy mom who couldn’t bother getting her son dressed for school that day, so she just dropped him off in his pajamas. Poor little dude had to explain to his school friends “I don’t know why I am in jammies, leave me alone!”

Orr what about on Columbus Day where I made my husband stay home from work to watch the kids who had the day off of school, but I worked because I couldn’t move clients. Ryan wasn’t thrilled about missing work, but he took one for the team and stayed home with the nuggets that day.

But wait for it….while I was at work, I received an email from the school saying my kids were marked absent and to please call and excuse it with the attendance office.

Oh cool. So they actually had school, I just kept them home for no reason? Right on. Also, why the efff did I have it in my head they were off?!

Then there was Monday this week, where I sent my sweet 7 year old off to school, only to remember it was Red Ribbon Week, and crazy hair day. Awesome, the ONE spirit day geared towards my profession, and I didn’t even deliver.

“Mom I was so embarrassed with my boring hair, and everyone kept asking me “But doesn’t your Mom DO hair?! Why don’t you have a crazy hairstyle??”

Ummm first of all, kids are assholes for saying that. Thanks, Captain Obvious of the second grade class, but we don’t need your snarky commentary on our lives, thanks so much. *I should really work with children huh 😉

There’s plenty more mom fail stories, I am definitely not on a shortage of those at the moment, but let’s focus on the positive…

Pretty hair, because that’s all I got for you peeps today.

{{All of these groovy manes were made possible, thanks to the enhancement of the best extensions evaaa…Natural Beaded Rows}}

So here’s to laughing at ourselves in all of our imperfections, and to not taking life too seriously. And also to appreciating the importance of a good hair day.

Happy Wednesday everyone! I swear I’m gonna get more organized and on top of things on my end. When? Yeah, I’m not sure on that, but I’m putting it out there in the universe.