On today’s post I just want to address how great hair can make any outfit.

Literally think about when you’re scrolling through Instagram or Facebook, Hair just grabs your attention.

Think about all the cute bloggers that just do a simple braid in hair, and you don’t even notice what they’re wearing, but you follow them because of the hair, right??

You may not even like their style, or think… “I could never pull that off”, but you follow them because their hair, right?

Trust me I get it.

I remember even being in high school and college thinking “When is my hair grow out…?”, only to realize I was going to have this ongoing mullet for the rest of my life ha ha.

But the good news is, this is actually what drove me to start doing hair in the first place and eventually lead me into hair extension.

I remember the first set of extensions I got, they weren’t exactly great… This is when the Britney Spears thing was going on, and I basically looked like I had hair plugs all over my head.

But hey I didn’t know any better back then. Despite not having the most natural looking hair extensions, I still remember feeling somewhat confident with just having more hair in. I loved this feeling and I knew I could never go back to having less hair.

But I also wanted to find a more natural looking solution for my hair. Long story short, I’ve learned over a dozen methods, and took everything I learned and then created the Natural Beaded Rows Hair Extension Method.

I feel like extensions had (and have) a bad rep, but I was committed to finding a better solution because I loved having more hair – and the way it made me feel.

I also love transforming other woman’s hair.

It’s crazy. From the time they sit in my chair, to the time they walk out the door, the way they carry themselves changes.

I guess you could say they have a little more pep in their step.

And, as they walk out the door I smile and simply thinking in my head… Damn I love my job.

OK so let’s get to the maintenance of things.

In my experience, hair extensions are high maintenance to be low maintenance. They take a little bit more time to blow dry and style, but I can go longer between washes and still have it look amazing.

I typically only wash my hair extensions twice a week. Now, my natural hair is fine and tends to go flat and greasy fast. So I usually wash the top area, or just the bangs, every other day. I think this is because I typically work out 4 to 5 days a week.

Now, ladies, be careful if you wear hair extensions – try not to put heat on it every single day. I do a lot of dry styling. Half up hairdos braids hats things like that so I can avoid putting heat on my hair every day.

Most days I only spend about 10 minutes on my hair. Wash days it usually takes me about 30-40  minutes.

The nice thing about extensions is they hold curl – unlike my real hair which typically goes flat in about 10 minutes.

So if you’re contemplating about getting in NBR, now’s the time take the plunge. Click here to find out more information or book a consultation…

OK. Now, onto the outfit I’m wearing. Sorry, I was so focused on the hair that I almost forget about the outfit ha ha 🙂 But remember, great hair makes any outfit 🙂

Does anyone else love fall style as much as I do?

Jumper dresses are so big this season. This free people one is a suede material and comes in several colors. I have been on a major free people kick lately, and this entire outfit is from Free People. I’m  still obsessed with these white booties that I also wore in last weeks post here.

If you like the outfit, make sure to click the boxes below to get it too!

And don’t be shy if you’re contemplating about getting hair extensions. Reach out to me. My team and I are a good time, not to mention we will make you feel more confident and give a little more pep in your step!

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