Today, I want to talk about more easy dry hair styles. I naturally have fine hair, and I would say the most damaging thing for hair is not bleach, not hair extensions, but heat.

Clients with similar hair textures often tell me their hair doesn’t grow. While I believe that some people’s hair grows faster than others, for those with fine hair texture, the goal is to not get it to break off. Clients often ask me how to keep your hair from breaking and I definitely believe it’s combination of things, but I have noticed with my own experience and my hair that the less heat put on my hair on a daily basis, the better.

There’s also this myth that if you don’t wash your hair every day it won’t break off. I think the goal of not washing your hair every day is that you’re not putting heat on it. On days I want to skip a hair wash, but I’m feeling like I have too much dry shampoo or other products in my hair, I find it better to wash the top area, then let it air dry, and then after the hair is dry, I will round brush the top just a little to give it a more volume.

My hair is stronger when it’s dry, this also helps overheating it with the dryer. On hair wash days, if you wear hair extensions, try clipping your natural hair on top up and then curl the extensions on a little higher heat. I then reduce the heat just a tiny bit ,and I also hold the curling iron in my real hair for less time. Again it’s all the little tricks to help prevent your hair from breaking.

Dry hair styles such as the one I’m wearing in this post is such a cute, easy, effortless way to style your hair without adding heat. The nice thing with hair extensions is that they hold curl for multiple days. Of course by day two my real hair goes completely flat, and that’s why this half up look works perfectly.

To get this look start by teasing the crown on adding a little bit of dry shampoo. Then, try a half a messy bun leaving some of the ends out going in and pulling it apart a little to give it a more messy textured look.

You could also add fishtails or French braids to give it a little more detail. This look literally takes five minutes, maybe 10 with the braid. I also love cute happy ponytails – anything I can do to help save my little baby strands of hair. Over the last couple years I have slowly gotten closer to my natural color this is also allowed my hair to grow.

When I was blonde I never put bleach directly on my end, but even just touching up my roots by the time completely out it would break off. If you have fine hair and you are trying to grow your hair, less is more when it comes to hair color. I usually only put bleach (lightener and bleach are the same thing 😉 ) on 3 times per year so I  keep it conservative.

I believe with hair extensions the better shape your natural hair is, the more natural your hair extensions look. I also understand that some women hair like my own can only get so good. Honestly, once my hair gets past my shoulders it starts  looking a little shaggy and mullet like ha ha.

Bottomline is, all the little things count. So ladies, be careful with your hair don’t over-process, don’t overheat, and be creative. Try simple dry hair styles such as this to save your hair.

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Crazy right, I’m ready talking about Thanksgiving, but lets face it – this time of year, time flies by and we’re all going to blink and it will be January .

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