Today I’m going to take you on a quick tour of our new beach home.

We moved here about six months ago, and I’ve been meaning to give you guys a sneak peek but time flies.

It was exactly 4 years ago that we finally made the leap to move to California. I’m originally from Salt Lake City Utah and if you watched last weeks video that’s actually where I met my husband.

We’ve literally moved every two years since we’ve been married.

I guess my husband and I were both trying to figure out what we want to be when we grew up ha ha. We have lived in Utah, Las Vegas Nevada, Gilbert Arizona and now I feel like I can call Californian home.

Four years ago we moved to a place called Ladera Ranch which is about 30 minutes inland in suburbia ville. (This is where a few of OC housewives live, not really my vibe). I’m BIG on vibes, and like to feel an area out before I commit. Our goal was to ultimately live on the coast. Something about being by the water feels like there is limitless possibilities.

I remember when we first moved here, we were renting a home to feel out the areas, and to figure out where we wanted to settle in.

One Sunday we drove up and down the coast and we stumbled upon any areas that I absolutely fell in love with. As we walked along the beach path and gazed up at these giant Beach Estates, I looked at my husband said we’re going to live there and it’s going to be sooner than you think.

A lot of times in life I think that we are too planned out, and we don’t dream big enough. We look at other people and we think “What would it be like?” “Who would I have to become?” “That’s not me I can’t go there.”

Within a five minute time span we literally create 15 different stories about who we are, where we can go, and what can and cannot do in life. Or maybe we look at certain situations and it doesn’t even cross our mind that it’s possible we could be there at some point.

Trust me I get it….

What if you decided you could create whatever you wanted? I get it – you’re reading this post and you’re just thinking “come on I just want to see pretty pictures of your house and daydream.” Or you’re thinking whatever her house isn’t that great anyways.

Well, wherever you are, just know that if you choose to dream big – you can achieve. It would require you to step outside of your comfort zone big time and working harder than you can ever imagine, but I wouldn’t choose any other path.

The cool thing about dreaming big is it becomes your new normal, and then you realize wow… “I got here what else can I achieve?” The skies the limit.

Well anyways follow my story, you might be able to relate. But in the meantime here’s a sneak peek of my home.



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