On today’s post I want to cover re-creating those beach waves like we do in the salon. Clients are always telling us how we make it look so easy.

As a busy mom wife and salon owner I’m always trying to figure out the quickest way to look somewhat “put together” without looking like I tried too hard. I think that’s why I love the look of beach waves – It doesn’t look over-done, and it something that you can wear on an every day basis.

I typically only wash my hair twice a week, but on those wash days I make sure that I spend time smoothing and creating perfect beach waves so that it can last a few days.

If you try to cut corners you’ll find that the curls won’t fall for your hair will not be as smooth.

I use texture and volumizing sprays to give me that messy and un-done look, while make sure the extensions are well smoothed. (One of my favorite tricks is using dry shampoo on washday and spray a small amount into the root area. This will give you a little bit of texture without weighing the hair down. The length of your hair, and if you wear hair extension or you don’t, all plays a part in how I curl and also what size irons to use, even though the outcome may be the same.)

Here is what I do on my hair:

I have shorter layers and in order to get my layers to blend with the hair extensions, I have to section my real hair off on top and I usually air dry or rough dry depending on how much time I have that day.

Next, after my extension hair is about 95% dry I smooth my hair extensions in large sections with my round brush. I then take a larger iron (1, 1/4 “) and run it through my hair almost like you would with a flat iron and loosely curl the ends. (With hair extensions I don’t like the ends too straight or it looks kind of fake almost like that broomstick look).

On a side note I realize this is very thorough with how I simply just curl my hair, but there is kind of an art to blending shortly layers with hair extensions.

Next, I take my smaller iron ( 1”) and start a little bit closer to the root area working my way down and leaving the ends out (since I’ve already smoothed them). I curl everything directing it away from my face.

After I finish my style I run two pumps of my favorite argon oil through the ends. (This helps prevent the hair extensions from tangling throughout the day)

Lastly, because I don’t want my hair to look too polished or two smooth, I spray a tiny bit of dry shampoo in my root area – And then finish off with my favorite texturizing spray throughout the middle and ends, and finish with the dry hairspray.

If you really want that fuzzy undone look, you can try a tiny bit of the unite expanda Dust. (Literally two pumps around the crown of your hair is plenty).

On day one, this is obviously the first day we wash our hair. Be careful not to put too much product in it or you’ll find that you will need to rewash the next day. Sometimes when I get a little product heavy I will just wash the top or being area the next day to save me time in the morning.

It’s funny one of the questions I get with hair extensions is ladies are concerned if they’re going to have enough time to style them on a daily basis.

I actually think it makes my life easier. You may have to spend a little bit more time on wash days, but the style holds longer. The curls should stay in 2 to 3 days and most days I just have to touch up on top.

All of these photos in this post are clients currently wearing NBR Hair Extensions. Just to clear up a little confusion in the market place, Natural Beaded Rows or NBR is a name I created for the hair extension technique that I created. I offer an online course as well as live classes. Currently to become certified you must attend a live BMS class in Laguna Beach CA. We have a certified list found on my salon site. To be on this list there are requirements each year, one of which is, all stylist must submit photos of their work to ensure the system is consistent.

If you’re curious, or just want more information, click here to schedule a NBR consultation.

If your hairstylist and you happen to be reading this post, we do offer NBR Education. Our intimate monthly classes are sold out for the year, but we have a unique opportunity coming up in December with BMSCon right here.

Stay tuned every Monday for our #ManeMonday post. Below you’ll also find a few of our recent curling videos that you might enjoy.

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