First off, I wanna say thanks for all the sweet comments, last week! You guys really know how to make a girl feel less awkward about her first blog post.

Okay, now back to our scheduled blog programming….

If you’re from southern California, you’ve heard of (and most likely have been to) the Rose Bowl Flea Market.

It’s the mothership of all fleas, and one of the only things I leave my kids behind for.

Rose Bowl Flea Market

Some people shop, get pedicures, or vacation without their kiddos. I personally lug mine around to all of those activities. I only leave them for two reason, and two reasons only: Work, and treasure hunting. I take both pretty seriously.

I invited my partner in crime Stacie to join along. Not gonna lie, I was a little reluctant to bring her back here.

But despite my best judgement, I brought her accident prone ass along.

Worst case scenario?  We pay money for all the shit she breaks (like last time).

Best case?  More good stories to laugh at and share here with you guys.

You can see where my decisions usually stem from. If there’s a good chance shit can go awry, and we are gonna get a good laugh, I’m all in.

We started our day at 4:45 AM. Yep, you read that correctly, FOUR mother effin AM. We got hopped up on Starbucks, and made the hour and a half trek to vintage heaven.

If you have never checked out this particular FM (can we make that a thing starting now? FM instead of me typing flea market a million times in this post? You guys good with that? Cool, thanks), I would definitely suggest to pay the extra money for early entrance. I like to be there as the vendors are unloading their shit, to get first dibs. I’m greedy like that.

Rose Bowl Flea Market

Once we arrived, we headed straight to “The Plant Guy.” If you are a crazy plant lady, you’ll like him. His greenery is diverse and his prices are cheap. Much better than the nurseries here in Orange County, or even a local Home Depot. Those places are a rip off!

Anyways, I found a tree that looked like he was from The Lorax that I instantly fell in love with and snagged him up (yes I said him. All plants, and objects for that matter, identify with a sex. I can’t explain how each one gets assigned a gender, it just happens)

Stacie got two more plants: another Lorax guy, and a split leaf philodendron. That’s right people, shit just got technical with our plant verbage. Well 2 trees, and 1 plant later, we left spending less than 55 bucks and we were stoked.

Rose Bowl Flea Market

Next up: Breakfast Burritos

I don’t even have to tell you where the burrito place is, because you’ll smell them from a mile away, and find it.

When you see a long line, you’ll know you’ve arrived.

Trust me, it’s worth the wait and the $10 price tag. Plus it’s big enough to share, which we did.

Rose Bowl Flea Market

Now I know when you read other blogs about shopping at a FM they say to have a list, and to scope the place out, check all the venders out first, note where you want to return, and then you can spend the bulk of your time in the spaces that will help you check items off your list.


I say, grab a burrito (no one likes a hangry shopper), and peruse the aisles until something speaks to you. No notes, no lists, no gameplan.

We aimlessly wandered the different booths, and only stopped when something caught our eyes. I am all about vibes, and this goes for items, not just people. It’s why I love a good thrift store and flea market. I like to make up stories of what those items lives were like before I rescue them.

“Who loved on the purse before I bought her?”

“What 90 year old lady used to make her favorite recipes in this dish?”

“How many different record players has this album played on before mine?”

“What’s the story with this jewelry piece? Has it been thrown at a lover in a heated fight?” I’m definitely on the girl’s side here.

“Did a grandpa actually wear this cardigan before? And was his name Leonard?” Because I hope it was.

Ahhhh I love it. I love the digging, the dirt smells, the stories that come to my head when I hold a certain item, and then the rewarding feeling you get when you’ve dug through treasures all day and found “the one” that really spoke to you.

We ended up leaving with a conservative cart full of treasures, and I am happy to report that Stacie didn’t break a single item!

Rose Bowl Flea Market

A girl did tell S that she was disgusting for not not wanting a complimentary shoe cleaning of her converse, which really pissed her off. But other than that, the day was groovy.

My only advice I would give you when going to the Rose Bowl Flea Market is to remember where you parked. The parking lot is HUGE and the last thing you want to do after a long morning of shopping, is lugging your purchased items around while guessing where your car is in the sea of vehicles.

Lesson learned (the hard way).

Where are your guys’ fav places to score pre-loved items? PLEASE SHARE BELOW, I’m dying to know!