Ok let’s keep it real on today’s post… how much are bloggers really editing?

Don’t get me wrong less is more. But one thing that is important for building your social media following on Instagram is all about keeping a consistent feed.

Crazy right!! Why buy into all the social media bullshit, isn’t it suppose to be “real” ?

Well… yes and no. Thing have to look effortless and planned at the same time. I like to post both professional photos and lifestyle or day to day photos. This keeps my feed looking both professional and somewhat real.

Today on my latest Tuesday Tip I’m sharing all my favorite photo editing apps, as well as what camera I use in my salon.

If you are a hair stylist it’s kinda a bad idea to edit hair photos. This is why I invested to a good camera and also figured out where the best lighting is at my salon.

Press play in today’s video below to see more!!

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