I recently did a collaboration with a new friend of mine Lo Wheeler, owner of Wheeler Davis Salon in San Clemente, CA.

We follow each other on Instagram and you kind of feel like you know somebody that way, but it wasn’t until recently when we did a collaboration together that I really got to know her. I really admire what she has built for herself in the last couple years of being a salon owner just like myself.

On today’s post we decided to work together.

Lo did the hair color and then we traveled down to my salon in Laguna Beach where I did my NBR Hair Extensions. We only needed 1.5 rows and I thought I filled her hair amazingly, and really enhanced the color.

It was fun to hang out with Lo – she is definitely a grounded sweet person and I’m sure you’ll see more collaborations from us in the future.

You might enjoy this video we did together talking about connecting with people. Upping our game, and surrounding yourself with like-minded people.

Press play to see more, and be sure to follow both of us on social media.

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Wheeler Davis Instagram

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