Thick hair, thin hair, fine hair, straight hair, curly hair….

What hair texture is you??

Have you contemplated getting hair extensions and just didn’t know what would be the best approach for your hair?

Today on Monday manes I’m talking about different hair types and textures, and why NBR Hair Extensions might be a good fit for you.

There you are late night or possibly early in the morning after you get your kids off to school, you start your social gazing and are suddenly feeling a little inadequate about your hair. So off to google you go and start researching what type of clip-ins, halo or hair extensions are best for you?

(Trust me I’m there every night but usually I end up with a couple pairs of shoes in my bag to cope with the feeling of I’m not 25 anymore ha ha)

I have personally been wearing hair extensions, halos, and clip-ins for the last 16 years!!

You’re probably thinking – “Crazy what does her hair really look like, and does she have any hair left after 16 years of wearing extensions?”

Well, the answer is yes I still have hair, but my real hair has never been great…

I have exclusively been wearing just NBR Hair Extensions for the last 6 years.

I used to mix multiple types of extensions on myself as well as my clients. Now I only wear NBR Hair Extensions.

I have very slippery fine hair that shows everything and at the same time everything slips out.

It’s almost like I never grew out of My toddler hair.

In my experience with all hair extensions, the less attached areas to the head – the easier they hide, and the less damage will occur.

So with NBR we take multiple pieces of a thin left of hair and tie it to the track created with beads. No glue or tape or sticky mess is involved.

I have tested the weight distribution as well as bead tension on my baby find strands to find out how much hair my head could hold without pulling on the natural hair too much.

Once I figured out a good balance I started to experiment on other types of textures of hair.

I also believe these are good for thicker hair because it fills in the hair better without attaching a million strands or tabs.

In this post I just wanted to share a few before and after a with different textures and types of hair and how well it blends!!

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Oh and stay tuned each day for a new post, I’ve decided to take this blogging hobby of mine to the next level.

Each week you can expect hair videos, lifestyle, fashion, recipes and more. We recently added Val to the blog and maybe adding more team members soon!!

Tomororw on Tuesday Tips I’m inviting you all into my home for a little Q&A. I’m actually kind of a private person by nature so this might be a fun one to watch… Post in the comments below if you have any specific questions – I’d love to answer any beauty secrets tips, or just general questions you might want to know about me!