Happy Friday ladies!! Today on #DKWFashion Friday I’m sharing one of my favorite looks lately. Sneakers and a dress.

You know those days you want to feel cute and girly but at the same time not overly girly and you want to be able to run around with the kids or step in to the office… either way this has been kind of my go to look lately.

The sneakers are by golden goose and kind of pricey but I love them. The distressed look and detail so cute. One thing you may not know is they have a small hidden wedge in the speaker which makes you feel a little bit taller. I was sold based on that alone. I thought to myself a sneaker and makes your legs look longer… done! I actually bought these in silver as well.

It’s funny my 10 -year-old wears the same size shoes as me already and keeps saying mommy can I borrow your really cute expensive sneakers.

Hell no (not till your 16 ha ha) I’m not sure if I should be offended, like I look like I’m wearing my daughter shoes but either way I love them. So fun and trendy.

Keeping it short and sweet on today’s #DKWFashion Friday post – hope you’re loving the new blog lay out!

Cheers to the weekend!!