Today on Monday Manes I want to touchbase on building your brand.

Last week I had the opportunity to teach 15 amazing woman from around the country. We do a monthly class called Big Money Stylist (BMS). I get it – When you hear that name you think “Really?” – but it caught your attention right??

Anyways… this is a two day workshop on the art and science of Natural Beaded Row™ Hair Extensions (NBR™), but also business and mindset.

See, most hair classes you go to generalize the conversation of “building your brand”, and so I would like to open up your mindset to something a little bit different.

Building your brand is not the same as building your social media following.

Behind the many good things about social media, there is also a lot of smoke and mirrors.

We assume that if we hustle and build our following big enough that eventually we will be able to make the money we hoped and dreamed for.

But until you shift your mindset, and then gain the knowledge you need to move forward, you’ll be stuck in that reality.

During my monthly Big Money Stylist class we allow past students from my monthly mastermind repeat, share their experience, and train at the events.

I sat back during last week’s class and heard one of my students (who has under 1k followers on Instagram) talk about her success with NBR™ and bringing just shy of $14K a month last month alone working 3 days behind the chair.

She doesn’t own a huge Salon, and this was personal income behind the chair…

I share this with you because although I think social media is a powerful tool and definitely game changer – You’ve got to be smarter than just your numbers on Instagram.

Five years ago I was in a tough spot. I was making decent money but something inside me knew I was holding back.

I decided to get on YouTube and create a blog and just tell my story about having Crappy hair, how I love doing hair, and how I found a solution that works well for my hair, as well as many of my clients.

It was weird – after just sharing my story, and before I even had a following, people started reaching out to me and said “I read your story and I want to travel to you to get my hair done.”

I thought holy shit you’re going to fly in to have me do your hair!?

Fast forward 4 years….

We are picking up real, sustainable momentum. And with all Big Money Stylist classes for 2017 sold out, we decided to do a Convention with over 150 hair stylists nationwide.

My dream was always bigger than me, and I knew that what I had figured out how to do behind the chair – could be a game changer in my industry.

So my next step… become more knowledgeable than just my social media numbers.

Tell more of my story and see if I can shift your mindset like mine had shifted over 5 years ago…

If your hairstylist and you’re reading this and you want to find out more about the convention, or just hear more of my NBR™ & BMS Journey, Click Here to Watch the BRAND NEW BMS Film!

Here is a sneak peek of our class from this last week…

Tune in every Monday for Monday Manes, and don’t miss tomorrow’s post where I’m doing a collaboration with someone I think you will all love and enjoy!!