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Today, on the blog, I wanted to share a little bit of my recent work at DKW Styling Salon located in Laguna Beach, CA. I also wanted to share one of our latest movies from the last Natural Beaded Rows Hair Extensions class we held.

It was one year ago that  I finally looked at my husband and said, “Look; I can’t do this alone anymore while keeping my sanity and trying to be a mom.” I literally was doing everything; from my social media, marketing for classes, collecting deposits, doing the work and every single little detail in-between. I was tapped out on time and wasn’t quite sure how to get things in my business to the next level like I had always invisioned.

My husband saw the pain in my eyes of wanting to give up my dream and my vision of sharing what I’ve created for myself behind the chair to other stylists. I knew it could be a game changer for many other stylist just like myself; especially to those who would be able to maximize their time behind the chair and be able to work less, making more money and spending more time with their family.

In the Salon industry, the “old school” way to make your time more profitable was to build up your own clientele and then eventually open your own salon where you could hire stylists to make passive income for you while you cut back behind the chair. I have been friends with and known many salon owners, and unless you’re working in LA or New York City, the reality of the situation is that you open a salon, deal with all the stress and barely break-even. My goal was to do hair, which I loved but also spend the majority of my time being a mom, which I love. I needed to find a way to be the most profitable behind the chair so I could still spend time with my kids. So for me, it became a numbers game.

My husband, Garrett, started a business called Wake Up Warrior about five years ago. He grew it from nothing to a $10 million company. And although there were times in our marriage where I was helping support the family,  his vision and dream he had now has outgrown mine. I thought to myself, “Shit, whatever he’s doing must be working…”

So, in the midst of me wanting to give up my vision, I looked at him and said, “Can you help me?”

Working with your significant other is not always peaches and cream and there are  times we both have had to do an ego check. Sometimes we also have to remember that we’re on the same team. I think I take a lot of pride in not only the work I do but what I built and so it’s hard for me to “let go”.

Everything about my brand and my husband’s brand couldn’t be more opposite. ha ha. His being very masculine and mine in the beauty industry, of course, is very feminine. But it’s weird, when you bring us together it seems like a really good balance. I can be the artist and he can hold you accountable.  We put our hard work as a team together in a monthly course we just started for those who attend our certification class. I’m sure in the beauty industry Garrett seems a little off his rocker, but you can’t argue the results that our stylists are producing. He’s good at the numbers, he’s good at holding people accountable and in the end, the results with our students speak volumes. We make a great team.

I’ve learned to let go (a little) and delegate some tasks, but I can never completely step away. I think I just enjoy being in the mix and learning and growing, myself. In the last year, my team went from just me and an assistant, to a small group of 6 people. For the first time, I feel like I have help and support. I have people on my team that see the vision and I’m so great full for this. I’m excited to see where this next year will take us and I’m excited to share the journey with you all!

We offer classes once a month, but there’s only two seats left in our November class. We Will be opening up another opportunity for stylists interested in learning NBR extensions at a little bit lower price point called NBR convention, before the year is over. So, if you have been sitting on the sidelines wanting to make the next leap in your career, this may be a good option for you!

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If you’re not a stylist but love hair as much as I do, don’t be shy! We cater to many fly ins at my salon and would love to invite you to DkW Styling Salon in Laguna Beach, CA!! Click here for appointments

One last thing, sorry, rambling….people always ask what curling iron we use at the salon and how to re-create those curls. Every week I share live video on my DKW Styling Facebook Fan Page and I also have a YouTube Channel with tons of curling videos, don’t miss them!

Listed below are  products we are currently using at the salon.

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