Happy Friday everyone! Today I’m sharing some beach pics we had taken  about a month ago right after we moved into our new home.  Over the last six years my husband and I have worked hard to get to where we are at. In order to progress in life and business it’s kind of like a balancing act. Both my husband and I have our own individual  businesses as well as work together, we are both entrepreneurs.

Not only do entrepreneurs work more than 40 hours a week but most hairstylists work crazy hours as well. I have two young girls and didn’t want to wake up one day and think wow I didn’t have time to be with my children. Life is a choice and we can create our own path. In life it’s hard to see a clear path and it’s important not to get overwhelmed. If you want to succeed in business you work at it one day at a time.  I heard a quote once…  I think it was by Tony Robbins and he said people overestimate what can be done in a year but they underestimate what can be done in a decade. I believe this can go in all areas of your life not just business. if you want to good relationship you work at it one day at  time, if you want to be a good mom and a wife you work at it one day at a time.

I’m going share a few of my secrets to success in balancing it all:

OK ladies this might be hard to hear but for all you control  freaks it’s time to learn how to delegate!!!

Delegate delegate delegate.

And this is not just in the workplace. How often do we just expect our husbands to do something and read our minds and yet we get home and things are not done in the home or other areas.

If you’re not clear with what you want to be accomplished and don’t know how to delegate you will continue to be pissed off and frustrated. My husband once told me, your outcomes are only as clear as you can delegate. The more clear you are the better outcomes…  makes sense? If you don’t learn to delegate you just end up being A little passive aggressive, Which let’s be honest we all hate that.

Get over the fact that only you can do what needs to be done otherwise you are a  prisoner to your own task list that  you think needs to be accomplished. Or if you’re like me and you’re such a perfectionist and have a certain way of doing things the idea of training someone to do it the way you do it is simply overwhelming.

In my experience if you can learn how to delegate this helps take a lot of the burden off for myself and interestingly enough I find I grow quicker because I have people on my team helping.

Date nights weekly!!!

I know so many married couples that never go out on dates especially ones that have kids they think going to the movie or dinner once a month with friends counts. How do you expect to have a good relationship if you don’t spend quality one-on-one time together. This means just hanging out with no kids and talking and connecting.

Family time and kid time…

During the week things are a little bit of a zoo. But one thing my husband and I do is he always takes the kids to school and I always pick them up we just made timer schedules to make this work. Something about it even though it’s only a quick 10 minute drive…  it’s a good bonding time with our kids and makes us feel kind a like a normal family ha ha. On the weekends we spend a ton of family time together.

Work balance:

Although I consider to work full-time I don’t work full-time Behind the chair. People always ask me how do you have time to do it all. I just simply respond I’ve had to figure out to be effective with my time that’s why I chose hair extensions as my niche not only did I want to figure out how to do this for my own hair but I knew that in the industry this was the highest paid service and I knew I wanted to be able to be both mom, and stylist behind the chair. What you may not know about Stylist  is they work crazy hours because we create our own schedules. A lot of stylist I know work 10 to 12 hour days five or six days a week. Which leaves you no time to be with your family or do any kind of marketing ( which is crucial in order to charge what you’re worth ) or just enjoy life in general.

One of my secrets to success is I have decided the number of hours I want to work behind the chair and if I maxed out on those hours I increase my price and continue to push my marketing.

One thing I’m not willing to give up is time with my husband family and even time for myself. I’m also not willing to give up work this gives me drive and purpose. So you see,  it becomes balancing act. What’s the point of being successful if you can’t enjoy life a little. What’s the point of having nice things if you don’t have a purpose.

Balance balance balance.

 Everyone balance is different.

What do you value? I find if I don’t have a purpose I can’t just be a stay at home mom. I also find if I work too much I get overwhelmed I just want to be a stay at home  mom.

 if I just find the right amount of balance within each area of my life, i’m generally pretty happy and feel like I’m progressing and moving forward in life. If there’s one thing I hate more than anything it’s staying at a standstill. There are a few  things I get high in life from… personal expansion and growth, and well I hate to admit this but I really enjoy shopping ha ha. I also enjoy being an expert and perfecting the craft which for me is hair and hair extensions. I take a lot of pride in being good at something I guess.

You could be the most successful person in the world, but if you can’t find out what you value and how to prioritize your time you’ll end up not being happy and burning out. Find out what you want, what you value. do you want to spend more time with your kids? do you want to find something you can be passionate about? do you want a better relationship?  You are in charge of creating your own path and anything is possible.

Well there’s my story of how I try to balance it all. Sometimes creating your ideal life or balance within your life doesn’t come overnight or without a little pain but I find that sometimes we are in such a painful place that it pushes us over the edge to find out that on the other side was what we were looking for in the first place.

Cheers to the weekend hopefully I didn’t get too deep on this post ha ha sometimes I get a little in my motivational mood;)














Photos By: Gabi Wells