Hey everyone it’s Tuesday that means it’s hair talk time. Usually I share a video on my YouTube channel but this week I decided to change it up and do a hair/business Facebook live video.

My husband being 40 years of age and is all about the Facebook as  I am still early thirties between the millennial group and whatever the name of the group that was after that ha ha, and prefer the social engagement of Instagram…
My husband says to me why don’t we train stylist doing Facebook live? Come to my video recording studio I’ll show you how it works. I thought recording studio for Facebook live… don’t you just hold your cell phone up and say hey guys I’m here to talk about my favorite color technique;).
So he shows me how he has created some social networks and they literally do all their training on these networks. I thought to myself how cool would that be to offer my tribe Live videos each week where you know exactly who’s watching. People can comment as you do the videos and they can also watch it later.
So here’s what we came up with…
A monthly mastermind for Stylists to continue their journey with NBR and business.  Watch the video HERE to find out more.
The photos in this post are some of my recent work. To schedule an appointment with me or find out more information about NBR,  which is a technique I created out of my own hair struggles and frustrations click HERE.
Happy Tuesday everyone!

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