Today’s Tuesday tip is all about a little TLC for your NBR!! Plus did you know NBR Got nominated for the top five micro link extensions of the year by behind the chair!!! For those of you who don’t know what these awards are it’s kind a like the Oscars but for hairstylists.

Just to be nominated as a huge deal, so needless to say I’m pretty stoked.  I’m not behind the chair personally on Tuesdays but use this day to get a Lot of follow up and marketing done.

If you’re not following my fan page on Facebook (DKWSTYLING) my husband and I will be posting live videos there every Tuesday. What I like about the FB live videos on Facebook versus Instagram LIVE, is you can go back and view them later they don’t disappear into wherever technology goes maybe into the cloud ha ha. So just in case you forget to come check out my blog don’t worry I’ll be on Instagram Facebook Pinterest and YouTube;)

In this post are some of my latest transformations at my salon in Laguna Beach California. If you’re currently wearing NBR extensions and need more tips on my daily hair routine press play on the video below.

If you’re someone who’s been following my work for a while, or a hairstylist who wants to learn more about NBR, don’t be shy click here to sit in my chair!

Happy Tuesday!!