Real life extensions for real people…

Although hair extensions are luxury more women then you would know need a little extra hair. What’s different about natural beaded rows??

When doing hair it’s important to have an niche like in any industry something specific that sets you apart. The only way to get good at your craft is to do it a lot. I didn’t just come up with this overnight and decided that it would work for all my clients, I tested dozens of different methods and out of my own hair frustrations created what I call NBR.

I started teaching about six years ago and through teaching everything become more simplified and technical. I started to learn why what I was doing was working. You see you when you teach you become that much better at your craft.

Over the years I’m always looking to improve and evolve. I finally am in a place where I feel like this method is pretty solid. I’m excited to announce that I will have a hairline coming out to support this technique. And like anything, I always test on my own hair first to find out the best solution for both the stylist that I train and the clients that sit in my chair.

This last weekend in Laguna Beach California I hosted a BMS class. This is my advanced certification course for Natural Beaded Rows. In this two day class we not only educate in the art and science of NBR but also a little bit of business training. People often ask my stylists “oh you went to that crazy hair extensions class… did you drink the NBR Kool-Aid?” ha ha but in this class it’s much more than just teaching you a bunch of social media bullshit tactics.

Hair stylists are some of the most creative passionate people and yet many times they just don’t charge what they’re worth. We genuinely care and love our clients and also love the art involved. There is a mind shift that needs to be made before you can implement tactics For many stylists. And if you can change the mindset of a stylist it just might have an impact of the industry.

In this last class before we got started we asked everybody why are you here? Press play on this video to hear their response….

I get the same response from any one who attends my two day class. Which is they can’t believe how fast it goes and they leave wanting more. You see most hairdressers the idea of sitting through a two day class is total torture that’s why we can work 12 hours a day on our feet because for some reason that sounds less torturous… ha must be the ADD that most creative types have.

I just launched a new program which is for the stylist once you leave my NBR class. It’s to help stay on track and not lose momentum. I can’t tell you how many hair shows and hair classes I leave feeling so pumped but without somebody keeping me accountable I drift back into the same patterns and routines. You see it’s not just about a technique or is that skill set but sometimes you need a hair family. ( as cheesy as that sounds, but if guy tang can get away with calling everybody his hair Bestiez I’m going with “hair family.” My tribe. ) I’m so excited about starting this new group I can’t even stand it!!

Anyways happy Tuesday… if your A real life girl like me, who just wants real life natural looking extensions.

CLICK HERE and we can set up a quick consultation to find out if you’re a good candidate!!

Danielle k white



Ok one last thing I wanted to share some of my latest work at my salon to show you how versatile these Extensions are… The first client is wearing 2.5 rows. You can see she has a good amount of hair and in order to break the line and have it look natural you have to add a lot of hair in and cut away the shape. The second client in this post only has one row. She did not want a lot of length and doesn’t naturally have as much hair, so one row is perfect for her. I call this a filler row. I don’t offer side pieces because the texture doesn’t look consistent. For those low maintenance Extension clients a little goes a long way.





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