Hey ladies today on Fridays fashion post I am sharing this little jumpsuit number which is almost sold out. I also posted a few other favorite jumpsuits along with this post. I love this time of year I have spring fever like crazy i’m living right on the beach isn’t too shabby either.  Lately on my YouTube channel have decided to share more beauty life style tips.

I actually started my brand in my bathroom. My baby was about eight months old and if your mom you know that every afternoon they take about a three hour nap ha ha. I was trying to build my business I thought this would be a great opportunity to start working on trying to be more tech savvy and sharing information. So there I was with my computer sitting on my bathroom counter digging into my make up and hair drawers trying to see  what can I share with everybody.
I think when building a brand we often think I don’t have anything to offer what would people want to hear for me. I know that’s what I thought.  But I needed to find a way to build a following and  a brand. I would film stuff and The perfectionist in me immediately didn’t like it and didn’t want to share. So I started researching other bloggers and you tubers you to what they were doing. Why did they look so candid why did it seem so effortless.
 The next time I took my computer put it on my bathroom counter I decided just pretend like I was talking to a bunch of girlfriends and was really excited about sharing  products oh and realized  i needed to be  more animated because camera apparently that doesn’t transfer and when I would watch old videos I just looked pissed ha ha.
Over the years I created this other person… this person  can get on Camera and was extremely comfortable would  share whatever came to her mind, and didn’t care if she  screwed up on Camera. I  just decided to own other side of me.
So many people attend my classes and say oh but that’s just not me, that’s not my personality… I look at them and tell them why don’t you create that person and you may be surprised to who you are and what you’re capable of.
Often times in life we are stuck in our comfort zone in fear of looking like a total dork or failure. Why is it that were so worried about our current circle of influence and what they think??
Sometimes we even think I’m doing everything I can I don’t know what more to do??? Really so you’re telling me there’s nothing you can do that will currently put you out of your comfort zone… OK sounds fun, stay stuck with where you’re at.;)
After staying consistent and filming one video in my bathroom a week I started to get more comfortable and as a result, It started to work almost  immediately even though I felt like a total dork filming  myself in my bathroom as my baby took a nap.
I remember thinking to myself wow I’m literally just putting myself on camera and talking about a lipgloss for a good 10 minutes and girls are eating the shit up ha ha.
Anyways bottom line is get comfortable being uncomfortable you never know what might happen!
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