Happy Memorial Day!! This week on the blog I’m Sharing an extra fashion post with my friend Missy who is behind the blog Sapphire Diaries. We met about 3 years ago, right before she started her blog, I am actually am her hair stylist so we get to catch up every six weeks or so. It’s been a while since we have done a post together, and I just  moved into a new home right off the coast in Orange county so obviously I needed to invite her over for a drink and figured why not to do a fun shoot together pool side at my new home. Missy and I have such similar styles. I swear every time she shows me something or I show her something online we both have it or are thinking about getting it ha ha. So be sure to stay tuned to both of our blogs each week for new looks and styles.

If you new to my blog I post every Tuesday and Friday. Tuesday is all about hair and beauty #tuesdaytips, and Friday is my favorite looks #fridayfashion.  I own a salon in laguna beach CA, called Dkwstyling. We are a small boutique salon that caters to hair color and hair extensions. We offer a beaded row method called Natural Beaded Rows. ( CLICK HERE for more info)
During the summer I will be cutting back my hours behind the chair to spend a little more quality time with my two little girls. I’m also hoping to take a little bit extra time and do an extra blog post each week and Focus a little bit more on building my brand. A lot of us hairstylist work crazy hours and it’s hard to leave extra time for family in marketing. But I have finally built  my little team up at my salon to where I feel like they can fill in gaps for me and I can focus on other areas to push my brand. I’m also excited to start a working with my hubby!! We have a hairstylist education program, called Big money stylists or BMS. We just launch day monthly program for past students that have come to one of my classes. It will be live virtual training’s once a week at my husband’s recording studio which we are also having a small salon built in. We will be covering both business and hair. Sorry it’s only for hairstylist, but if you’re hairstyles and want more information click HERE.

The theme of this post is red white and blue in spirit of Memorial Day. I’m obsessed with this blue ruffle bikini. It’s kinda pricy but fabulous. The white dress I have on of course is sold out so I couldn’t link it, but I found the shorter version of this dress which I actually think I might like better for my petite frame. There also is a jumpsuit version in black that a posted on a previous post ( click here to see).
I’m kind of dying over Missy’s white dress and it’s a great price point to have to order this for myself.
Hope everyone is having a fabulous extended weekend!
Phots by: Gabi Wells