Balance and moderation: This post may save your bangs;)


Today on my weekly YouTube show I will be talking about my infamous beach waves people are always asking me to re-create at the salon. I have tons of curling videos but decided to share an updated one with you.

One of the things I share on this video is how to use curling iron heat and iron tension. The reason I share these tips with you is having fine hair myself, every little thing I can do to help my hair makes a big difference.

With having fine hair, it’s good to have moderation with heat, and balance with your products.

I don’t use a ton of products, specifically before I curl my hair. However, I’m very careful with the heat and tension so that I don’t completely fry my hair.

Whenever clients asked me what temperature they should have their curling iron at, I usually recommend 350.

It’s hard to determine how much pressure is on the iron that they are using or how long they’re holding it in the hair. Also if you notice in this video I’m constantly releasing the clamp within my iron so it’s not completely laying flat on the hair for too long of a time period.

Or I use my iron at a higher setting and just make sure I’m not putting to much pressure down on the iron or holding it in my hair too long.

Another thing I have noticed with my fine fragile hair is, if my hair has too much product on it even if my tension in my iron or heat is turned down it can actually cause more damage. I wear NBR hair extensions and don’t wash my hair every day, however, if I’m going to put heat on my bangs after a few days I actually will just wash the area first.

Another tip:

If you have fine, fragile hair, don’t aggressively round brush while wet.

It is more effective to gently (on a medium heat setting) rough dry and then once your hair is pretty much dry, gently run the round brush through to give it a little body or bend in your hair (especially in those problem areas such as around your face and bang area where the hair tends to be more fragile).

Another quick topic I want to cover is moderation in hair product:

We’ve all heard that too much protein will cause damage to your hair, I also believe too much moisture can do the same.

For example, in my experience with myself as well as clients if someone is using too much protein their hair looks dry and brittle and may be lacking moisture, therefore it will break off. If someone is putting to much leave in conditioners and masks etc. in their hair it almost can change the texture to more soft and gummy like, which will also break off. I see people often do this with hair extension hair.

If you’re new to extensions you may experience them in the beginning being almost too silky. Most extension hair comes with a silicone coat and once this wears off (usually within a 2 to 3 week time period) the texture of the extension hair feels more dry. Most people make the mistake trying to add too many masks and deep conditioners which actually causes the hair more damage than it helps. Once the silicone has worn off are usually recommend a dime size amount of argon oil daily.

There are many tricks to prevent hair from breaking, however, once the damage is already done unfortunately there’s not a lot you can do except try to prevent future breakage and damage. This is why it’s important to consult a professional on the basics of caring for your hair and even products that may be helpful.

Below are a few of my favorite products to both strengthen  your hair and condition. remember moderation is key and do your homework when using a product to find out how often you should be using and how much.

Happy Tuesday everyone be sure to turn into my YouTube channel blog every week for hair tips!!

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