happy Friday ladies!! First  I have to let you know that these  sandals are currently 60% off!!   I love mixing anything flirty and girly wit’s something that has a little edge. And the sandals I bought not too long ago  by Jimmy Choo  are one of my favorites.  The dress  is by Rebecca Taylor and I love all of the detail in it. It would make the perfect Easter dress.

Lately I’ve been getting a ton of questions about my hair….

This is probably the darkest my hair has ever been since I was in seventh grade ha ha.  I started bleaching out my hair at an early age.  The color I have right now is actually pretty close to what my natural color looked like before I started coloring It.  To be honest with you over the last year I have just been so busy I haven’t had time to do any highlights. I started taking my extensions darker and darker because the blonde just disn’t match. It’s funny the darker I was getting the more compliments I got. When I look at all pictures of me with more blonde I realize this color is much more flattering on my skin tone. And even though I’m more of a medium brown I still consider myself A blonde.

Every 6 to 8 weeks I tighten  my extensions and I normally do most of the coloring on the hair extensions. I highlight lowlight and tone.   I hardly ever put all new hair in  just because I think that it looks a little more natural once it’s been worn a little.  I would say about every third tignten I switch out just a few pieces to keep it refreshed looking.  I prefer to mix old and new hair for a more natural look.  If you go to long with your extension hair you kind of just have to start over.

My hair is very fragile and seems to break off easy.  Over the last year I have been very careful with heat as well as putting color on my end.  And slowly but surely my hair seems to be in better condition. My bangs are longer and they have been in probably the last 10 years. Now I have  realistic  expectations as to  how good my hair can  actually get and I always wear hair extensions.  Right now I’m currently wearing two full rows of NBR and   two minis.   I normally wear 2 rows and one mini, but I decided to see if I could squeeze one more small piece in there.    I have an updated curling video coming out to my YouTube channel on Tuesday. I’m talking about heat settings and tension in your cruling iron…. you don’t want to miss this ladies it may save your bangs ha ha.


Have a fabulous Easter weekend and shop this look by clicking the boxes below!!


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