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I remember sitting at the salon one day…

Every chair was full, and we were all arguing over who had the worst natural hair. I told Val “I have toddler hair I never grew out of”

She then said “I have Kid Rock hair.” Then we all started to compare who had the longest piece of natural hair and of course it was only one small spot behind my ear… you know, that one side that always seems to be just a little longer than the rest. This is the piece I pull forward when anyone asks how long it your “real” hair??

Now I know this doesn’t seem like something you would all be laughing at a normal salon, but we are anything but normal.

I started in the hair industry because even at a young age I remember having hair envy. When I was little, I would look in the mirror, arch my head back, and dream of long amazing hair.

As I got older in high school and early college, I realized I have been growing my hair out for 10 years and the best I could get was a little past my shoulders.

In hair school they don’t teach you extensions, which is crazy to me!! Hair extensions have been around forever and have evolved over the years to look more and more natural.

You may follow my work and not truly understand how big of a deal hair really is for women. I joke with my husband and tell him I’m a 2 without extensions. I had a client the other day tell me hair extensions are  better than any plastic surgery, I had to laugh. Extensions are a money and time commitment but many don’t understand the confidence boost you feel with a little extra hair. This may sound a little vein but I’m all about women feeling more confident.

Many women who sit on my chair have similar stories such as myself, while others have had medical conditions in which their hair has suffered. Or for those who have had kids, hormones and weight loss play a huge role in your hair as well.  As you age you also lose hair.

Many women that visit my salon don’t just want “hair extensions”, they just want to enhance what they already have going on, and just feel like their best self, and have the extensions look as natural as possible. I love the confidence boost I allow women to feel and I truly love my job!

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