Happy Friday everyone!

Spring is in the air and this means white little dresses,  spray tans and some face-framing highlights to make you feel refreshed.

 I’m a little obsessed with this white dress, I love the fit and the open back. It’s very classy yet somewhat sexy. It’s around this time year that I go to put on that perfect spring dress and realize wow that’s what color my legs really are ha ha. I try not to tan too much because I think I baked a little too much in the sun when I was younger and now try to take better care of my skin. I usually do an airbrush tan but on those days I just don’t have time to squeeze it in I use st. Tropez ( make sure you get the moose version). For my legs and body. Another product I love that is more of an everyday use is Jergens Natural Glow, it helps to maintain your tan.

 I don’t wear a ton of make up and to be honest I hate foundation but one product that I wear year round is actually by Clinique. It’s their self tanner for face and I feel like I can wear it with my moisturizer year around. If I do wear any make up it’s usually just a lightweight tinted moisturizer and then I dust my favorite Mac bronzer over the top.  I listed this dress as well as my favorite tanning products in this post click on the boxes below.

 Every spring time everyone wants to go a little bit lighter with their hair. The trick is less is more.  Recently I have gone   a little darker with my hair lately  the overall quality and health of my hair seems to be much better. I have that real baby fine hair that just can’t handle a lot between coloring, heat,  and hair extensions. And since I can’t go without my hair extensions I decided to highlight my hair less. Recently I actually just added a pop around my face and a few face framers underneath. Sometimes this is all you need. Don’t go overboard and go back to that full set of highlights.

 I  don’t hi-light the ends of my hair ever…

 Honestly, they can’t even take a little bit without breaking off an inch and that may  not seem like a lot but it takes about a year to grow my bangs an inch ha ha. Anytime I want that Sunkissed  face-framing look,  I simply highlight around my face only at the roots leaving the ends faded out the color they are, and then I deposit low lights or tone the back down to make front pop more.

 Remember less is more;)  keep it beachy natural and Sun-kissed





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