Spring is in the air.

Today we officially move into our new beach home. This will be one of our easiest moves. ( we have moved every 2 years for the last 14 years!) I ended up purchasing almost all the the furniture in the home. Don’t get me wrong I like decorating my home like any other girl but it’s almost like like this home was built and decorated just for me, and all I have to do is just add my personal touches to it. So it’s simply just a matter of purging almost everything we own and starting fresh!! And it feels so good. Something about spring cleaning really does it for me;). it’s like you don’t realize all the junk is holding you back until you get rid of it all and it’s like a weight has been lifted.

I’m not really into feng shui but I can say environment plays a huge roll in how you show up in life. We have lived in homes where things felt weird and off, while other places and homes you know right away you like the energy and vibe. Living close to the beach as cheesy as this may sound feels like there is an open-ended abundance opportunity. It feels freeing.

I also this your work environment plays a huge roll in how to show up. The important thing to remember is that you can choose your own path. You are responsible for holding yourself back. Follow your heart and not your head, chances are it will lead you in the right direction. I’m not saying that good things in life don’t come with out hard work and some sacrifices, but I know that you have two choices… figure out how to push your threshold of uncomfortable, or in my experience you will just repeat until you learn and get to the next level. I have had to personal learn to let go over and over again.

I’m excited to start this new chapter of my life! And share many exciting journeys with all those who have followed my story.

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Danielle K White