What makes NBR Hair extensions different?

I’ve been doing hair for about 15 years. I started my brand six years ago and this is when I realized I had created something totally unique that I couldn’t find available on the market place when it came to hair extensions.  I wanted to find a solution to my fine thin hair that just didn’t seem to grow much past my collarbone. But not only did I want to find a solution but I wanted it to look the most natural possible.  I didn’t just want my hair to look good in the before and after but as someone who wears my own product I wanted it to be something that I could pull up without having to worry about anything poking out. I just wanted to be able to pull my hair up in a ponytail like a real girl ha ha.  You might be surprised but one of the top questions I get with these extensions is can I wear my hair in a ponytail and work out.  Apparently, it’s very important to have a fabulous ponytail.

I remember before hair extensions when I would try to throw what poor excuse of hair I had it in a ponytail it didn’t even look like a ponytail… kinda like when you see toddlers with little tiny rubber bands in their hair because they can’t quite get a nice decent ponytail… yeah that was me and maybe you can relate;).  Through trial and error learning over a dozen different methods, I  experimented on myself as well as clients with  different textures and lengths  to find out what would work best. NBR is not  just one magical secret that  makes It difference but the combination of many  Key components . I find a placement and color are huge when creating natural looking extensions.  In my experience someone who naturally has  fuller better hair to begin with can get away with less  customized   extensions…  meaning they have more hair to cover so there is a better chance of everything blending. If you have short layers  on top that don’t grow like myself there is less room for error meaning the color and cut needs the be spot on.  We have all seen the girl with the yellow blonde layers on top of platinum blonde extensions coming out the bottom  ha ha. One of my  big concerns  when I decided to pursue hair extensions was  also to keep the integrity of what little hair I had. I found through trial and error  on my hair as well as clients that  weight distribution and less points of contact seem to be the best solution.

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Finding your Tribe…


This last week in Laguna Beach California I had the opportunity to teach nine amazing women from all over the country and even Canada.  All were on a search to find a better solution to hair extensions as well as finding some secrets to marketing their new niche.  I created this two day class again based on my experience of doing the class circuit when it comes to hair.  Because I am offering a certification program where my brand and name is being represented I wanted to deliver the most information possible and quality experience.  Before the class we start with the online course. This helps stylists get the basic fundamentals of NBR. We also hold two webinars live with Q&A and business consulting ahead of time.  By the time you get to my class everyone is friends and the support among each other is amazing.  Every class we do even amps me up. I want to do more and learn more.


My next class is may 11-12.


 I only offer this opportunity to 10 to 15 stylist. So that everyone feels like they are leaving with the most education as possible.  This is not your average sit in a room and let your ADD kick in and hope you retain the information kind of class.  We have multiple locations which we work on hair and business not to mention a beachfront backdrop where we typically have lunch and strategize.   One of the important skill sets we cover in my classes is mindset and marketing. I know so many amazing hairdresser but if you don’t know how to market you are holding yourself back. Marketing is another skill set that is needed in order to have success.


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Practice makes Perfect…


Did your mom ever tell you this phrase when you were growing up? Practice makes perfect. Dang it mom I hate when you are right.;)In order to be an amazing

In order to be an amazing stylist it’s important to practice your craft.

I don’t just do one or two hair extensions a month this is all I do every day at my salon. Not only do I wear my own product but it’s all an offer to my clients. I also love

I also love hair color and believe this is an important skill set in order to blend extensions. Extensions is a great opportunity for stylists to make money, but it’s not just about the money… I love the extreme transformation. Many of my clients have similar hair and stories as me, but some women have had medical conditions in which their hair cannot grow or is recovering. Extensions is their only option.   I want nothing but the best for my clients and it’s crazy but women just feel more confident with amazing hair.  The problem is women don’t feel more confident with a un-natural looking extensions they want their hair to look and feel as natural as possible.  If you’re a potential client and you have followed my work I encourage you to reach out to me. We would love to cater to you in my salon in Laguna Beach California. Click here to sit in my chair

If you’re a potential client and you have followed my work I encourage you to reach out to me. Myself or a member of my team  would love to cater to you in my salon in Laguna Beach California. Click here to sit in my chair

Click here to sit in my chair!


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