Do you ever wonder how girls are getting these massive braids you see all over Instagram? My number one secret is of course a little NBR added to any braid makes it look better.

In creating NBR, One of the things I was determined to figure out with hair extensions was having the versatility to do fun things without any of the hair extensions showing. What was the point of having amazing hair if you could only wear it down or a low ponytail? I was always envious of girls who could try fun things with their hair and felt like this just wasn’t an option for me because I simply just didn’t have enough hair.

I’ve learned over a dozen different methods as well as had them in my own hair to figure out what I did and did not like when it came to hair extensions.

Placement and color is key for hair extensions hiding well in your hair especially if you’re like me and your layers on top don’t grow very well and you have fine hair texture (I basically have a fabulous mullet 24/7 without these babies). The sides of my hair seem to be my biggest problem area maybe many of you can relate. I place my hair extensions extremely high in the hairline while creating very minimal damage to my natural hair.

How is this possible you might ask? Well it all comes down to experience and trial and error like most things. I’ve been doing these extensions on my own hair as well as many women around the world and country for the last 10-12 years. Not just one or two sets a month but 10-12 sets a week. It’s always important to understand weight distribution and bead tension as well.

Now back to these braids…

Placing the extensions a little bit higher in the hairline allows me to have more hair to work with and making sure the color is spot on also helps to hide in the natural hair been placed so high. Not all beaded row hair extensions are created equal and I believe experience is key. My top layers being short I have to add some hair to my real hair  to get me the look I want.

Pulling a braid apart in the end really is the magic in the braid. This makes my real hair look thicker as well as helps everything just look a little more messy and BoHo which I love. I prefer braiding on dirty hair otherwise it slips out easy. It’s always good to add a little dry shampoo or texture spray to give it a little grit, this will  help expand the braid.
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This braid can also be done half up, which I love ( I’m IG ready;)


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