Almost 6 years ago I launched Natural Beaded Rows and my first blog. This was right after my family and I nearly lost everything and moved from Salt Lake City Utah to a smaller town right outside phoenix Arizona called Gilbert. This is where we could rebuild our life and businesses.

I had been doing hair for almost 10 years at this point and created NBR Out of my own personal hair struggles. After searching and searching for the perfect method I realized it didn’t exist. I’ve learned over a dozen different methods over the years and Consistently going back to the drawing board on myself as well as clients to figure out what would work best.

This wasn’t something I created over night, it was out of my own personal hair frustrations as well as doing hair for nearly a decade at this point. With the growth of social media there are so many options to choose from when in comes to hair extensions.

If you follow my blog, you know I’m kind of a personal growth junkie ha ha I guess it’s because my husband is in that industry. (He created a company called wake up warrior that has helped many men and families in around the country and even worldwide).

Many of my personal mentors in my life (including my husband) have taught me that it is important to have respect within your industry and give credit where credit is due.

I love doing hair because of the impact it has on my direct clients.

I love teaching hair because of the direct impact it has on other women and their families.

I created a education class called BMS (Big money stylist). I know the name is a little bit cheesy but hey it catches your attention right?

As a mom of two beautiful children I I wanted to find a way to help provide for my family but knew I wasn’t willing to sacrifice not seeing my children grow up which means no more 10 hour days behind the chair. I saw the impact on my own life of choosing to only cater to hair extension and color clients and what a huge impact it made on my freedom and flexibility with my own life and schedule. I share this concept in my classes and have seen it firsthand change and impact many stylists careers.

Seeing this keeps me pushing. I don’t know maybe it makes me feel like I have a sense purpose….

If you’re looking to individually grow as a person with business and skill sets. It’s important to not just give you more marketing tactics but to open your perspective to see more is possible. This means starting with changing your mindset. I have had to change my mindset over and over again. It’s like a lightbulb goes on and I can explain it… but it’s such a high.

Anyways here comes the pitch…

My next 2 day advanced class on marketing/mindset and NBR is

MAY 11-12

My classes are small so that everybody feels like they are connected and get individual attention which means it’s almost sold out. Right now I’m the only authorized trainer for NBR, which means I would love to invite you to join my tribe and become certified.


or you can view more information about the class here

And if that’s not enough you can watch a free webinar HERE

Happy Tuesday everyone! Here a few photos of some recent an old work that I found in the archive;)
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